Saturday, October 07, 2017

Here we go

First storm band from edge of Hurricane Nate. Dogs seem less than pleased.
Can't say as I'm pleased, either. But it is what it is.


  1. Hey Murphy;

    Animals can sense weather changes better than us people...unless you leave a delicious French Quarter yum, yum on your counter somewhere.

  2. Looks like the track and wind patterns mean you guys are going to dodge the worst.

  3. Looks like the dogs got lucky with Nate.

    We got touched by Irma here below Canaveral. All that day, our girl Gersky was troubled by the rising wind, and wouldn't pee. So... at the height of the storm, with 90 kt winds, sideways rain and continuous tornado warnings, she HAS to go potty. That was one relieved -- and soggy doggy.

    Dogs. ;^)'

  4. Hunker down.

    Be safe.

  5. and it was nothing........