Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Good friends, good read

So I recently finished my copy of Calexit, the Anthology, by J.L. Curtis, aka Old NFO, and several other great contributing authors, to include Bob Poole, Cedar Sanderson, Tom Rogneby, Alma Boykin, B Opperman, L B Johnson, Eaton Rapids Joe, Lawdog, and Kimball O'Hara.
I know most of these other writers as well, and if you rerad this blog's sidbar, so do you. All are great people and great patriots, and their assembled stories of life after California, currently America's most useless and least patriotic state, are all worthy of a read and consideration.

In fact it took me a while to read this because I wanted to savor each shot story, so I read no more than one a day. And I was sorry to turn that last page.

If you love America and hate the way that the Left is trying to ruin it, get a copy of this book and see what could happen if the Left gets their way and transforms California into their idea of utopia. (Think "Lord of the Flies" only with the force of government behind it.)

I loved this book and I hope there is another one coming. Meantime, go get you a copy here


  1. Thank you for the kind words! :-)

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Yep it is a good book, I had already bought my own digital copy, and a hard copy. The book was well researched from open discussions on leftist websites and those that lived there told me that "It is like that." The various authors did a bang up good job on the stories.

  3. I bought an E copy. I enjoyed it and wanted more stories.

  4. Thanks for the shout out and thanks for the note telling me how much you enjoyed my story.