Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Out and about with my guest.

Yesterday, it was the World War Two museum.

Charles Lindbergh did his best to keep us out of the war against Germany. But once we were in, he at least worked tirelessly to help us beat the Japanese.
And Joe Louis joined up when he didn't even have to. And he's buried in Arlington National Cemetery today.
And there were planes.
And guns.
And lots of other great stuff. We where in there for over five hours.

Then off to a bar with the best happy hour oyster deal I know--.50 oysters with drink purchases. Aaron had never had oysters before but he gamely tried one...and then proceeded to clean the place out as he declared them to be the best food ever.

Then it was an eternity in various T-shirt shops while Captain Indecisive agonized over which souvenir T-
shirts to buy his daughters.

It kind of went like this all week:

Aaron on Friday as I pick him up at the airport: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing all day.)

Aaron on Saturday: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing at any of the museums of shops we're in or near.)

Aaron on Sunday: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing all day.)

Aaron on Monday several times: "I have to get some souvenirs for my wife and kids..." (buys nothing at any of the museums or shops.)

Aaron Monday night: "Take me to a T-shirt shop! I need souvenirs!" (Then spends an eternity looking over the crappiest crap while disregarding my heartfelt efforts to assist him select quality stuff for his wife and daughters.

--Jar of stripper glitter? Nope.
--Shirt with a picture of a unicorn giving the middle finger? Nope.
--Bettie Page wrist bracelet? Nope.

Some people are just impossible to shop with.

Finally he gets some stuff and then it's off for one last night out. "But it's OK," he assured his wife during one of his required hourly check-in calls...we're just going to play bingo. And we did.

With strippers.
And he won.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time, but . . .
    Don't you know that what happens in Nawlins stays in Nawlins? And film is evil?
    Now the poor guy will never be let out on parole again.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Wow. I loved the Museum.....but looking at the airplanes...I kept thinking of some kids room hanging models with fishing line....call me heretic. And looks like you "diversified" Aaron. Mission accomplished LOL

    1. I think that's my favorite part! Looking up is like looking at the ceiling in my childhood bedroom.

  3. Bingo...so that's what they call it in New Orleans. I love it!

    1. More like Bingo, Bango, Bongo... ;-)

  4. I definitely need to catch that museum. :o

  5. Bet his wife put him in the dog house :)

    1. If she checks Murphy's blog....LOL

  6. Never. Had. Oysters. In the back of beyond of the mountains of West Virginia my grandparents who never saw salt water were were still fond of oysters. Where the heck is he from?!

    1. He's worldly but strangely sheltered. I'm working on that.

    2. I once knew a lady who had never eaten an artichoke and quite a few other foods.
      What is it? is there alternate dimension somewhere?

  7. Planes? Guns? Beer? Strippers?
    Damn. I got make it down there sometime.