Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Exporting Mardi Gras to our troops

I have an opportunity to send Mardi Gras swag--beads and other parade throws--to some of our troops in Afghanistan before Mardi Gras Day, Feb 13th. I have all the swag in the world courtesy of my overdoing it at least years' parades, and have shipped a few large boxes already. I still have more stuff though, so if anyone wants to get in on this, contact me at (the address I only use for special stuff like this) and I'll tell you how to paypal me $18.00 per box. I'll fill and ship the box and send you the tracking number. Anyone who already has my "regular" email address can just paypal me there and I'll handle it ASAP. I only have a few days to get these out to make sure they get there on time, so it you want to help spread Carnival fun to Afghanistan, hit me up!


  1. I'm good for one box. Email me an address and I will send you a check. I don't PayPal.

  2. Be sure and send 'em the titties to go with those beads....

  3. just read about the troops setting up schools and clinics in afghanistan. no word about these good works on the news.
    God bless our troops!

  4. Do you know about the Military Match program from Community Coffee?
    I use it to send coffee to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. It is always welcome there.