Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gone and back again

So this past week, my job sent me to Atlanta. I knew I'd be busy during the day but figured that come evening, I could catch up on some backlogged blogging.

No such luck. My work laptop immediately crashed and ceased to function as soon as I got there, and my iPad refused to connect to the hotel's wifi no matter what I tried.

So it was another blogless week.

I got back yesterday, and after the long drive, I needed to hustle off to my part-time job.
After "work", I was called out to another show as special guest of the producer, so there was no gracefully dodging that one.
By the time I was heading home, even some of the security guards on Bourbon Street had apparently had enough.

I got home around 3AM and slept well until I had to get up to attend a crawfish boil for lunch. It was raining and we were outside in it, but crawfish. Some things are worth getting wet for.

This, for those of you not from around here, is a crawfish, cooked and ready to eat. (And it was tasty.)

And of course while I was gone, the dogs apparently deposed me, as I came home to find both of them comfortably ensconced on my living room furniture, with Murphy on my couch and Belle in my chair. Per the dog sitter, they've been doing it all week and she didn't think to wonder if they were supposed to or not. They've always snuck and done it, but now they're being totally brazen about it, at least until the corrections begin.

But today was a new day, and Bourbon Street was back to normal.
Not much to see here...move along.


  1. At least Murphy and Belle were able to make themselves comfortable. I'm sure that was a major concern while you were away.

  2. You went to ATL and came back alive? Sounds like a good script for a sequel to "Escape from L.A."

  3. LOL, you're really 'going to the dogs'... The question is,'who' is the leader? Murphy or Belle?

  4. Hey Murphy;

    Wish I had known that you were in my hometown, you know that Atlanta is known for the strip clubs and hookers. Looks like you had a good time and so did the dogs...I don't know who will be doing the or the hamsters.