Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunday in New Orleans

Sunday started off with me getting up and out the door just in time for church. Then another crawfish boil for lunch.

Went home after that and took a nice Sunday nap. Got up, cleaned a couple of rifles on the back steps, then got cleaned up and went to a pig roast for dinner courtesy of a neighborhood bar celebrating it's three-year anniversary..
Damn, that pig was sublime. Cut it with a sharp look and so tender and tasty.

Had a few drinks, went home, headed to bed early, then suddenly got a call. Some nice young ladies that I know needed help as a show that they were doing. Could I come help at the door? Well sure. Of course I could. Because I'm helpful like that. So I headed over and put a couple hours in for a good cause. Because I just can't say no to damsels in distress.

Got back home about 0200 or so, but I made enough money to pay for both the crawfish boil and the pig roast, plus I got free drinks. So my whole Sunday cost me nothing.

Life in New Orleans is seldom boring, lemme tell ya. But it works if you put the effort in.


  1. That was a serious sacrifice that you made for those young ladies. You sir are a saint. A saint, I tell you.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Man you are a paragon of virtue, helping old ladies cross the street, helping damsels in distress, dang, you going for sainthood?

    Seriously you look like you are having a good time.

  3. Snerk... NOT making any comments... Nope... :-D