Saturday, April 07, 2018

Went to a wedding Saturday...

It was raining. Wedding was outdoors in a city park under an open-side tent. Done on the cheap, as it was his second wedding and her third. And they are both in their early thirties, btw.

Groom and his pals responsible for setting everything up were drinking, fell way behind, and weren't even to the park yet with the chairs and tent as the first guests started to arrive. Bridezilla showed up pissed, then totally lost her mind when just as the ceremony was starting, it was discovered that they'd left the rings at their hotel, 17 miles away. She used some words that the kids in attendance should not have been privy to, but as most of the kids were theirs, they've probably heard it before. So they had to borrow rings from guests for the ceremony after the bridesmaids calmed her panic tantrum down. And then she stepped in dog doo because the boys didn't police the site where they set the tent up, and this set her off again.

Maybe his third and her fourth will go smoother.

But the reception buffet and open bar were pretty good, even without the sideshow, and I ate and drank free all night, and most of the female guests were *ahem* dancers, so the eye candy abounded.

 I do love this city.


  1. I'm sure that she and he launched the ship of marital bliss despite the rain and weather - so the sea cocks were open? As you say, the food was good, the booze was good and you got to meet Bambi and Leather.

  2. What? No pics....where were the puppies? Not invited? That is so wrong. Imagine, they could have contributed to the dog doo thing.

    1. All the girls worth photographing had too many clothes on.

  3. Hey Murphy;

    Sounds like you had a good time. and I am surprised that you didn't take pics like you normally do, especially of the dancers, LOL

  4. LL beat me to usual!

  5. While a wedding isn't a marriage, but with a start like that and your report of their track record, I'd predict they will most likely meet many a rock and shoal during their cruise on the ocean of martial bliss.

  6. LOL, yep that's NOLA!!!

  7. Laissez le bon temps rouler!!

  8. Heh. I do miss NOLA from time to time.