Monday, October 08, 2018

Still alive. and some thoughts.

Sorry for the silence. I've just been so busy watching this city's leftist base destroy itself over the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh.

Let me say that again. Justice Kavanaugh. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Lifetime appointment Justice Kavanaugh....Bwahahahaha!

Seriously, I haven't seen this much outrage and wailing and false sympathy for a false victim since the 2016 elections. And now they've all just learned (again) that elections have consequences and just because you didn't win, that doesn't mean that you get a do-over.

They scream, they stomp, they pout and they curse and insult our President, but our President--our elected President--just keeps winning.

BTW, where was all of this "outrage" over victims when Hillary was running and her husband's victims kept trying to speak out after being denied justice for so many decades? Hint: There were a lot more than accused Justice Kavanaugh, and they were all actually credible. And Hillary was much nastier to every one of them than anyone was to Christine "Oh, hey--I just remembered some stuff after two days with Dem lawyers" Ford.

In the end, common sense narrowly won out despite nationwide histrionics, both those that were totally made up by partisans trying to sink ANYONE that President Trump might nominate, to countless sad girls who truly believe that Justice Kavanaugh was a rapist not because they saw any proof, but just because they want to believe it and be angry about something else.

Lucky for them that as soon as the nomination was over, Columbus Day rolled around, so now they're running around here all outraged on behalf of "indigenous people" and telling everyone that they wish that bloodthirsty colonizer Columbus had never come here. Uh, yeah, ok little blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids. Maybe if you're that mad, you should do one of those mail-order genealogy tests and then go back to whatever European country it says that your ancestors hailed from. Talk about enjoying a free and delicious cake and then screaming that a farmer somewhere should be condemned for tilling the land that grew the wheat that made the flour in that cake, eh?

Today I wish I had a bunch of greeting cards that would wish everyone a happy Columbus Day from Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. So many heads would explode here that the rest of America would wonder who was making popcorn.

Oh--and in other news, I have company arriving Friday. Seriously blog-worthy company. So stay tuned!


  1. Well said, Murph!

  2. I'm not tired of winning yet.

  3. Yeah, those peace loving, eco-friendly, indigenous peoples who committed human sacrifice using victims from enslaved populations. who routinely practiced "Slash and Burn" agriculture, who irrigated the desert until the land salted up and would no longer support crops. The clash of cultures between the stone age technology of native Americans and the iron age technology of Europeans was devastating for the Natives. However, the Natives were not nor ever were paleo hippies singing Kum-By-Ah and living in utopia.

  4. Woo Hoo! Too funny! :-)

  5. I'm so glad Kavanaugh made it through.
    I've heard people say that being a Leftist is like being deranged and now I truly believe it after this weekend and what I saw. Those a$$holes who were beating and clawing on the SCOTUS doors can go f*ck themselves. That really pissed me off. These people are crazy and I will never stop fighting them.

  6. Hey Murphy;

    Welcome back, I kinda figured you and the hansters were eating popcorn well you were and they were contersurfing whatever leftovers you had in the kitchen and watching all the leftist in your city self destruct over Kavanaugh. I am not tired of winning as they say and we have started a pool on how long RBG hangs around, and you want to watch the meltdown then? It will be EPIC!

  7. They cry over the Trail of Tears, but don't care that those tribes occupied lands they had pushed others off of.