Saturday, November 17, 2018

The situation here now

The media isn't saying much now but there are currently FOUR caravan groups on the way, comprising about ten thousand illegals , mostly fro Honduras, Guatemala and el salvador. The largest group is already in Tijuana, Mexico, about 5,000 of them, and pressure is building there as Tijuana doesn't want them any more than we do. The Mexican government is doing all that it can to move these groups directly to our ports of entry because that's easier for them than trying to turn them around. These groups are mostly male, totally without money or food, and they are stealing whatever they can unless Mexican community groups "donate" supplies for them. They have attacked Mexican police and government officials and boast about doing the same when they get here, wirth many talking about just breaching our ports of entry en masse and not even trying to ask for asylum. Many of them just want to try to overwhelm our border forces then try to get lost in our border cities before we can apprehend them.

Imagine thousands at once running through our checkpoints into San Diego or Nogales. That's the plan for many of them as soon as they all get here.

The National Guard is down here now, hardening the ports, but it's going to be a mess when it blows up, and it WILL blow up soon. These illegals aren't going home or waiting to come in by our rules, and it doesn't help that liberal groups and politicians here are actively encouraging them.


  1. Hey Murphy;

    We appreciate the update, I view the migrants as an invasion, if they want to come to the United States, come through the process. Coming over here waving the flag of their home country in front of the caravan shows me that it is an invasion. How do we handle it, personally I was thinking of Arclight strikes, but that is kinda mean and not realistic. I wish Mexico would have activated their armed forces to deal with it, but I am sure that some of the generals and people in the government are getting their palms greased. Also Mexico doesn't particularly care for us, Central American Politics. We here in the United States have liberal politicians that are more interested in pandering to their base and hoping to get another demographic to vote enbloc for the democrats like the black vote. In their rush for power they don't see that this is the "Manifest Destiny" to reclaim the southwest from the hated Gringo's. I hope that we are successful in blocking them, corraling them and sending then back to their home, and cut off the foreign aid to the governments in question to keep this crap in check next time.

    1. It's time to mine the area around the wall. Put up signs..blow up some cows to demonstrate what will happen.

  2. Stay safe, doggies depend on you.

  3. I think they should be shot as they try to invade.
    Stay safe, be careful.

  4. You just know shots will be fired. Then the msm will go all "eevull Trump and military" on us..and the leftist peepull will swallow the shit like it's puddin'.

  5. Don't know why they didn't put the first strand on top...

  6. We need MORE concertina/razor wire...miles and miles and miles more.