Friday, July 05, 2019

Out for a walk today

On the way into town the other day I saw an aeiplane in a park that I wanted a closer look at. Unfortunately both gals that I am now staying with are very much anti-military and had no desire to go get a closer look at it. So today while they were off doing chica stuff I want walkabout to go don’t this plane. First I located it on Google Earth and then, since it was “only” 4 miles away, I started hoofing it.

It’s high nineties today. In the shade. But there was no shade. And I got my adventure and saw some picturesque parts of Mérida. In retrospect, Uber would have been smarter.

But I found my plane! A Lockheed T-33, in shit shape mainly due to vandalism and neglect. Welcome to Mexico. There were some armored cars there too, also vandalize and neglected. So Typically Mexican, I’m learning.

For the return trip I got smart and hitched a ride in a dodgy taxi van with a dozen other people. Language barrier but I just got in and stayed on until it looked like it was as close to our house as so was going to get them I jumped off. A steal at eight pesos and just a ten block walk from there. Beats four more miles!


  1. Interesting logo on the T-33. And I've seen worse in the States with @#$%& graffiti all over them... sigh

  2. You are staying with anti-military wimmins? Dude, Get away from them! Leave them in Mexico!

  3. Bet if you found the right palm to manteca, that T-33 could be yours for 100,000 pesos.

    Of course, then you'd have to get the darn thing home, find a working Allison J-33, and do some serious rehab.

    But still...think Honest Jose's maybe has a licensed A&P?