Monday, August 12, 2019

Merida at night

I did enjoy my night-time walkabouts in Merida, an area with serious poverty but very low incidences of violent crime. I felt safe walking these deserted streets...and they were only deserted until you get to one of the many parks or outdoor restaurants, at which time you saw everyone sitting out enjoying the night breezes.

But the streets...


  1. Either empty, or people are afraid to come out at night... ONLY going to the parks in groups.

  2. What NFO said could well be true. On the other hand, I walked around places which appeared far worse in Mediterranean countries, 45 years ago. Hard to tell what's really going on until you spend a bit o' time in a place.

  3. I never felt unsafe in Merida.
    Well there was that one bar, but aside from that...