Thursday, October 15, 2020

El hustle

 Pemex gas station on 57D north of San Luis Potosí Attendant pumps 360 pesos worth of gas I give him a 500 peso bill. He shows me change of two 50 and two 20 bills, folds them together and hands them to me. I thank him, tip him, then park to go in the store and realize that I only gave 90 pesos now. He palmed one of the 50’s. I walk back over to where he was and he’s gone but the other attendant who was with him is there.  I say “Mas dinero” (More money) and without even asking me how much or why, he steps around the pump to where his partner had ducked and returns with a 50 peso bill and a big grin. They were both in on it and treated it like a game when I caught on and went back. Ah, Mexico...


  1. Just an aside - Mexicans have a LOT of respect for machetes.

  2. That's gonna be the 'story' of this trip I think... sigh

  3. But it IS a them.

    At least you got it back without any trouble.