Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back into the Martial Arts

All right...I'm just back from an into session for our area's newest Martial arts classes. The instruction focuses on street survival and the training consists of both Israeli Commando Krav Maga and Brazilian (Gracie) jiu-jitsu. It also contains a pretty vigorous cardio workout to get the blood flowing, and by the end of the two back-to-back classes (one in each discipline), I was ready for a hot shower and a nap.

These look like good courses. Designed primarily for law enforcement and civilians looking for a non-nonsense defensive system, they do away with a lot of the tournament-oriented techniques and attire and focus on teaching the aspects of the arts that are more applicable to the average street fight. As such, the course attire is loose-fitting, comfortable street clothing, which is an added bonus for me since it's been so long that I've participated in formalized martial arts that I've forgotten how to tie the belt on my Gi.

Much of this is the same stuff taught in modern law-enforcement academies today specifically because it's both effective and simple. The instructor for this program is a former Marine and current law enforcement officer and we hit it off pretty well today. I'm looking forward to this new program, both to polish my somewhat rusty defensive skills and just for basic fitness. And since I've got the free time right now, I'm taking both. Should be fun.

Now for that shower and the nap...

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  1. I have a friend who teaches Krav Maga here in Aurora, Colorado. Prepare to become even more of a badass-- and yes, get your rear in gear at the same time!