Monday, December 10, 2018

Well that didn't take too long

I got home late Monday night. I left my bags on my kitchen chair. Went out Tuesday night and came home to find my backpack had been dragged off the chair and all through the house to the dog beds where two K9 conspirators managed to open every compartment with food in them and remove said food. They feasted on trail mix, granola bars and MRE snacks to their heart's content and just scattered all of the non-food items (clothing, loaded magazines, tools, etc.) that were apparently in their way. And this pack weighed 34lbs at the airport--not an unimpressive feat.

Jerk dogs.

Saturday, December 01, 2018


Yesterday our operations were disrupted when five buses stopped on Mexico Highway 2 just on the other side of our border fence and 217 Guatemalans got off, walked over our fence and onto our country, and sat down to await Border Patrol. They do this regularly now and this bunch admitted coming from Tijuana where they arrived with the caravans. They didn't seem to know--or wouldn't say--who chartered the buses. What they do know is that they claim asylum, then they get a court date and released into the US until the hearing. Of course they'll never show up and we'll have to hunt them down and try to deport them one by one.

This screwed us up because it took every single Border Patrol Agent in the sector to process them, meaning no one was watching any of the rest of the fence or the interior checkpoint. And the cartels know this and exploit the opportunity to move whatever they want into our country.

My small unit had an operation planned that needed support from Border Patrol and we got hosed and had to improvise. This meant a lot more walking for us but we finally got to a location where we could watch the border with some pretty good optics where we expected a smuggler crossing attempt. We came up empty again, seeing nothing but their own scout in an observation post on the Mexican side of the border. So we spent hours watching a Mexican in Mexico as he spied on our border. But alas, no smugglers came. We just watched the scout cook his dinner while we snacked on trail mix, fruit and peanut M&M's. After dark we put our night vision on, but nothing human moved below so finally we broke it down and hiked back out.

Scout spotted with excellent optics on the far hill.

Close-up of the ridge where he is. About half way down the spine, just below the organ pipe cactus. Can you see him? He's only about threee miles away.

Today, every time we tried to do anything near the border, more small groups of Hondurans and Guatemalans came across the fence and waited grinning to be taken in. we can't do a thing to protect our borders now because we're all too busy ferrying these invaders around like some sort of large-scale welfare Uber.

But my detail here ends tomorrow, and I'll be replaced by others. It's been educational but frustrating, and between being undermined by the liberals and watching our system be gamed and abused by hordes of foreign invaders who have clearly been coached on where to cross and what to say when they get here, I'm ready to just get back to my bars and burlesque girls in New Orleans.

Anyone who votes for politicians who support this sort of open borders nonsense is aiding and abetting the destruction of our country. Build the damn wall already.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Allies" we could do without.

It's not just us, Border Patrol and Illegals down here. As remote as it is, there are several other players on the gameboard. Each of them crosses our path more days than not and considers themselves the good guys here.In reality, they're all pains in the ass that we could better do without.

First one is a group called "Humane Borders" that runs around out here setting out water jugs for the illegals. They advertise in Mexico so that border-crossers know where their water stashes are, and make it a lot easier for the smugglers to get through. They claim that they only want to help "migrants" but you can't help one group without materially aiding the other group too. And they try to intervene when we contact illegals, videotaping us and trying to advocate for the illegals. It's pretty clear where their loyalties lie and it's not with us.

Then we've got "No More Deaths", or "No Mas" as they refer to themselves. These are the more radicalized version of the group above. They are openly antagonistic and provocative towards us and their main activities seem to consist of setting out secret water and food caches on routes known to be used mainly by drug smugglers and following us a nd Border Patrol around to harass us for their youtube videos. Many of their members are also members of the above group.

Next we have "Veterans on Patrol", another group of people who apparently have no jobs and spend their days running around near the border while open-carrying their guns and pretending to fight the cartels and US government corruption. As far as we can tell, very few of their members have ever served, and their leader, Michael Meyer, is a convicted felon who is certifiably nuts. Google him and his group if you have time to waste. They basically just drive around and get in the way of real border operations while making videos about all of their pretend heroics.

And finally we've got the indian reservation adjacent to us that most of the smugglers head to. The indians love tha drug money and stash houses and drivers abound on the res, making life so much easier for the smugglers. If they were to try to hike clean up to I-8 to the north, it would take them 10-14 days. But they can cut across us and hit the res in a day or two and dump their loads at any one of a number of village houses set up to hide them. They have their own tribal police but many are complicit and the rest don't try too hard because they have to live there.

This doesn't include a few local businesses known to be sympathetic to illegals and passively hostile to us and BP. Even in the towns where most of the trade comes from BP agents and their families, there are still some who take the other side due to family ties or other reasons. A particular woman ad the local gas station loves to ask us questions about what do and what our day's plans are. She's anglo but lives in Mexico with her twice-deported husband.

Even down in this sparsely populated area, there are many facets in the fight to protect our border and the interior beyond.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A delicious victory

So the last couple of days here have been pretty unproductive. We've hiked some rough terrain with no results, and on Sunday me and a partner managed to get ahead of a small group of three smugglers and set up on a small hill to wait for them, only to have them go to ground and hole up, probably because one of their network of scout/spotters sitting on a hillside on our side of the border saw us and warned them. For those who don't know how this game is played, the cartels are all in over here and they keep a network of lookouts in place both on their side of the border and on ours with optics and communications gear just to watch for us and to guide their smugglers across. These scouts also approach small groups of illegals trying to cross without having paid the cartels a crossing fee and they will beat those illegals and send them back to Mexico to pay. And these scouts will stay up in their posts for days, or sometimes weeks, being resupplied by passing groups or by special resupply teams who bring them food, water, batteries, new phones, etc.

Now last night, just as we were getting ready to call it a day, we got a call from Border Patrol that they had two groups trying to cross at once, both pretty far apart. They do this sometimes to divide our resources so we decided to help out and we went after one while Border Patrol chased down the other. We drove to a wash where our group was coming up and tried to intercept our group of four (turned our to be five) only to have them drop their backpacks and other gear and run back to Mexico, climbing back over the border fencing just ahead of us. So we lost them but got their packs. And when we went through the packs--nice new camouflage backpacks--we found that we'd caught a resupply group and interdicted a metric ton of food and water intended for some scouts, everything from rice and beans and water to cookies and cakes and sodas and new cell phones.

So even though we didn't catch these particular toads, some scouts undoubtedly went hungry last night while we ate ourselves stupid on the store-bought packaged cookies, candy bars and other delicacies that had been intended for them. Thanks, cartel shoppers. Send more Chokis next time please--these things are yummy!

Oh, and Border Patrol caught one guy on their chase and nabbed three dope bundles and another food bag too. Lot of hungry Mexican scouts in America last night.

Friday, November 23, 2018

91 future Democrat voters

Driving along this morning, on our way to do something important, and we get waylaid by two large groups of illegals who step out of the brush, begging to turn themselves in to pretty much anyone coming along. Today it was us, but they'd have surrendered to a county road crew had one come along first.

So we get jammed up, and every Border Patrol agent in the sector has to come and help search, transport and process them. This means no border patrol checkpoint and no scrutiny on the rest of the border for hours. But 91 people up from Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua all got free rides to the border patrol station, free food, and after processing, mpost will get free transportation to anywhere in our country that they want to go, right along with a notice to reappear in immigration court in Tucson in a few months. None of them will show, of course. They don't respect our courts or our laws any more than they respect our border or our land, which they trashed thoroughly right in front of us. We gave them bottles of water. They drank the water and just threw the bottles on the ground and we had to pick them up ourselves. After they we gone, we found where they's camped last night and it looked like a garbage truck had dumped clothing, food containers, water bottles and other debris in the wash that they'd been in. It's noteworthy that Mexico has offered them asylum and jobs but they've refused that because they wanted to come to the land of the golden food stamp. And here they are. At least three were pregnant, and a few of the men, when asked for identification, presented their official notices of deportation from the last time they were here. That's how little fear they have of any meaningful consequences for returning after being deported before.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Still here...and happy Thanksgiving.

Down on the border wall, the army continues to harden the fence.

Thanks to that liberal judge overturning the President's order denying asylum to illegals who just jump the border, they are coming our way again. Yesterday a Honduran woman with two kids ran through the traffic lanes at the port and immediately began screaming, in English, that she was pregnant. Before that judge's stupid call, they'd all have been sent back to Honduras. But because of it, they got processed and given a bus ride to Tucson and notice to appear in court for a future immigration hearing that they'll never show up for. And there ARE 200 more in the civic center south of the border just waiting to walk across and start getting American charity and welfare benefits.

Ten miles down the border fence though, some of us are still trying to do our jobs, watching for the drug mules and more desperate illegals who already know that their prior criminal history bars them from asylum. They want to get in too though. And that's why old fat guys like me climb mountains to set up observation posts to spot them.
So this was yesterday. Today I'm just back in from a long, tiring hike up and down lots of mountains where we just missed a group of probable dope smugglers based on the trail signs and fresh litter we found. We tracked them as far as we could but came up empty.

And the litter. As far as the eye can see, nothing but litter in our "pristine wilderness area". Empty water bottlers, food containers, clothing, etc.; these pigs just throw anything that they're done with down wherever they happen to be. You can stand anywhere here and look around and you will find trash thrown down by illegals. This is their culture and how they lived in their countries and you can be assured that it's not going to chance when they get up here and start working for cash under the table and scamming EBT with false documents. Personally I think that every eco-loving liberal who supports open borders needs to be forced to come down here and pick all this crap up.

Or maybe I'm just bitter because I'm tired and didn't get any turkey today. But Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Looks like someone didn't pay their cartel tax

Mexican military and Federales have a crime scene set up just south of the fence. Seems someone decided to up and die right there. Most peculiar, that.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thanks gang!

I appreciate the radio info on the antenna. I knew this community would come through. I've passed it along and even though we couldn't take it with us when we hiked out, at least we shut them down. And DrJim, all the markings were pretty meticulously ground off, and the vertical pole appeared to have been painted sky blue for camo. They went to a lot of trouble to put that together and haul it up there. Looking back, I wish we'd shot it up or smashed it. I'm going to try to get an op going in the morning to helo it off there if they haven't taken it back across the fence, which they probably did since they know we found it. We'll probably see that rig again somewhere else.

Today operated in thick brush 20 miles north of the fence, trying to interdict some smugglers that Border Patrol saw on their camera tower. We missed them sadly, but BP caught up with them again farther north a few hours later. Border Patrol has these great towers scattered around with hi-res cameras, radar and night vision that can see and range damn near anything that moves. They make this a lot easier.

These I can show because they are far from secret. I just can't say where it is. There are several in this area and there should be several more but environmentalists care more about a few bushes than they do about national security, so...

Mexicans--Mexicans everywhere!

Long hard day yesterday. Lot if steep hill-climbing on foot, weighed down with pack, rifle and heavy armor plate because the Mexicans we were dealing with on the other side of the border fence are always armed. They have a whole network of little shacks on the south side where their spotter sit 24/7 to watch US Border Patrol and anyone else (us) and every time you glass them with binoculars, you can see them glassing you back and there's usually a long gun in plain view. I'd love to put up the pics but unfortunately they'd disclose exactly where we're at and even give a good idea where we're observing from.

And they're not just on the other side. It's routine here to find sign indicating that spotters or scouts have been setting up on high hills well inside the US, also to watch us and guide their drug loads through. They've even found them on the hills up above our stations, set up to look down into our housing and vehicle yards. And it's easy to tell where the Mexicans have been, be they scouts, mules or just illegals coming to steal jobs, because they throw their trash everywhere without a second thought for the "pristine wilderness area" that we're operating in. It's a cultural thing to just throw your trash on the ground apparently, and the south side of the fence looks like a huge landfill because of it. Fuck these people--they're pigs. But the pro-environmental left still wants them here for some reason.

Yesterday we saw some activity at the top of one of the hills along the fence so me and another guy climbed the hill, so steep that it took hands and feet to climb it, literally pulling ourselves up the fence in several sections. We got to the top and could still smell the cigarette smoke from the Mexicans who had been--or still were--on our side. Clearly they'd either heard us climbing or the spotters had tipped them off, but we didn't miss them by much. Suddenly the rifle didn't seem all that heavy. But we found some camouflaged holes in the fence and a radio antenna that they were in the process of setting up, probably to improve their communications down in the washes and valleys on our side.

Here's the view down the other side of the hill. That's a Border Patrol truck way down there.
If we put something here, we could watch the fence line and surrounding area for miles in every direction. But environmental rules say we can't. I guess the Mexicans are exempt though, because they put this up here:
Any radio geeks know anything about this rig?

Lot of exercise yesterday. And I got spiked by another damned cholla cactus too. But let's see what today brings.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The situation here now

The media isn't saying much now but there are currently FOUR caravan groups on the way, comprising about ten thousand illegals , mostly fro Honduras, Guatemala and el salvador. The largest group is already in Tijuana, Mexico, about 5,000 of them, and pressure is building there as Tijuana doesn't want them any more than we do. The Mexican government is doing all that it can to move these groups directly to our ports of entry because that's easier for them than trying to turn them around. These groups are mostly male, totally without money or food, and they are stealing whatever they can unless Mexican community groups "donate" supplies for them. They have attacked Mexican police and government officials and boast about doing the same when they get here, wirth many talking about just breaching our ports of entry en masse and not even trying to ask for asylum. Many of them just want to try to overwhelm our border forces then try to get lost in our border cities before we can apprehend them.

Imagine thousands at once running through our checkpoints into San Diego or Nogales. That's the plan for many of them as soon as they all get here.

The National Guard is down here now, hardening the ports, but it's going to be a mess when it blows up, and it WILL blow up soon. These illegals aren't going home or waiting to come in by our rules, and it doesn't help that liberal groups and politicians here are actively encouraging them.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Down on the border

Lucky me--an all-expense paid trip to somewhere on the Mexican border courtesy of my job. Apparently my President needed me here, so I'm now here, battling illegals, smugglers and fucking Cholla cactuses. (Yeah, one of the latter got me good yesterday.) So stay tuned for pics and tales from the front line as time and internet connectivity allows.

Left side of fence: Mexico. Right side: The sovereign United States of America.
Bottle used by illegals to carry water, discarded roughly six miles north of the border.