Friday, June 04, 2021

New Orleans life...pity me.

Sometimes it's hard to be in New Orleans. Take last night, for example. Five hours of this while I drank for free.
And yes, I know these ladies very well.

Life is hard.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pop Quiz, life with Shepherds.

Pop Quiz. 

You work all day and you miss lunch, but it's ok because you know it's Taco Tuesday and one of your favorite bars has an incredible pop-up outside that makes incredible steak burritos. You spend your day fantasizing about the burrito you're going to get. Finally you head over there, and because it's so popular, you have to wait 45 minutes for it, time that you kill in the bar drinking beer and watching the bar TV. Finally you get your burrito and it's hot and smells fantastic. You rush home and set it on the counter so you can was up. Then you realize that your phone is still out in the car. You go out to get that phone, taking less than thirty seconds, and when you come back, a German Shepherd has your burrito and is starting to eat it. What do you do?


Fuck that dog. I took it away from him and ate the rest. And it was still delicious.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Mexico...character and culture.

  So when I was traveling last week, I popped across the Mexican border with Merida to Naco, Sonora to grab breakfast and spend some time relaxing in a park. On the way back to the US, I stopped into a little family-run store to buy some Mezcal to take home. The woman running the store has to call her husband on the phone to get the price because none of the bottles were marked, and the price she recited to me seemed expensive, kind of like I was buying it back in the US, but I still thought it a bargain so I paid it.

I left and headed for the border crossing three blocks away. Just as I got there the owner’s son ran up and asked me to please go back to the store as there was “a problem”. He didn’t know what it was. I checked my wallet and saw that she gave me the correct change. What was this, some new sort of scam? Why did they want me back in their store? I was literally fifteen feet from the border walkway and the turnstile that I could go through but he could not. What should I do? Tell the kid no and just cross? Go back and see what the angle was?
I thought about it for a second. I really didn’t have a bad feeling in that store and didn't get the idea that the senora was trying to pull anything so I went back to see what the problem was. As it turned out. she’d mistakenly charged me double on the bottle that I bought and she wanted to apologize and return the overage.

She could have kept it and I’d never have known.

I was so impressed that I bought a second bottle in lieu of a refund.
There are scams aplenty in Mexico like everywhere else but time and again I get reminders like this that the average Mexican is damned honest. That's why I'm really getting to be fond of these people and their country.

Monday, May 17, 2021

This mine may be mine


One of my reasons for the trip west was to take a second look at some property I'm interested in purchasing in the desert. The owner has several parcels for sale and beneath those parcels are several small mines and four large ones, three of which actually connect, creating a network of tunnels that run for mile and come up in all sorts of distant places. I've now logged four solid days in these tunnels and barely seen a small percentage of the underground space though I've walked for miles--it's incredible.

No water or power on site, but I'm researching alternatives and seriously thinking this could be my new vacation home/secret lair/end of times retreat.

And if any of my friends are interested in scenic, remote desert land surrounded by BLM wilderness land with the nearest neighbors being about 15 miles away, hit me up. I can't buy ALL his land but he's looking to get rid of it all and there's some real possibilities here for a cabin/trailer homestead site, even if it means you'd have me and the dogs for neighbors.