Monday, June 19, 2017

Quarter Dogs...

The mutts, strolling the French Quarter last night.

Window shopping on Royal Street.

Listening to Tanya play her classical violin...every night, Royal and St. Louis streets.

Then it was on to a few of our favorite dog friendly bars, where I got beer and they got water and dog treats from the bartenders who know them by name. Whoever said dogs have it rough never saw how these two live down here.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Taking a friend to the range.

Took a friend shooting yesterday. She's a local police officer but they don't issue or train on long guns so this was her first time with a long gun of any sort. She liked my AR, and I soon had her hitting steel at 100 yards with it.

Then I put her on my FAL.

She did pretty good. Liked my AR a lot better than the FAL though.

We did some pistol work because she's having issues and qualifications are coming up. It doesn't help that her job issues a Glock with the heavy NY trigger but her wrist keeps breaking and putting rounds high on--or over--the target. Other than dry-firing, anyone got a suggested fix for this?

Then we took played with the Thompson a bit. This she liked.

And yeah, the stance is not the best.

Evantually the Tommy gun brought down one of the Range Safety Officers who used to be in the sub service in the Navy and he told me how they had M1A1 Thompsons on his boat. And when he handled my gun you could tell that he still remembered how to use it.

It was a good afternoon.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Knock, knock...

Ah, the joys of living in a ghetto undergoing gentrification "transitional neighborhood"...

Getting ready for work yesterday morning when I'm interrupted by a hard knock on the door. It's 7AM. The dogs are outside in the back yard but they're sparking up now too as I go to the door.

"Who is it?" I ask.


I look out the window and see an unmarked but obvious police car in front of the house. Well this should be interesting...

I throw a shirt over the Sig on the kitchen counter and open the door and there stand two deputes from an adjoining parish. They look at me and kind of shake their heads. Clearly I'm not the droid they were looking for.

Long story short, they'd come with an arrest warrant for the crackhead that had apparently lived in my house before it had been renovated and sold to me. They showed me his name and I recognized it as one I'd seen on bills that had come here after I'd moved in. And now he's got a felony warrant and these guys had come a fair ways to pick him up, only to have the door opened by some white guy a gentleman clearly not resembling the suspect.

"Yeah, we were pretty sure you weren't going to be him with we saw that in the driveway," one said, indicating MY work car, which looks an awful lot like theirs.

"Ya think?" I asked. The I told them who I was, and we had a chuckle. I didn't know these two deputies but as it turns out, we know a lot of the same people. Fortunately I'd just put my morning coffee on, so I invited them in for a cup.

Life in 'da hood...

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekend fun

So on Friday I took Amy, a first-time shooter, to the range.
Yes, the Tommy Gun was a bit much for her fist time out, so I started her on the M&P-22 below, and then the Browning Hi-Power.
And after she demonstrated that she was safe and practiced the four basic rules, and could shoot without closing her eyes, I did let her shoot a mag through the Thompson. I think she's ruined for any other gun now.

On Saturday, New Orleans did the Pride Parade thing. Naturally I drifted down, if for no reason other than to ogle the women.
Is it wrong to go to a gay pride march to check out the hot chicks?

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Quarter Dogs at work.

Can't even take these dogs to a Bourbon Street bar without them making new friends.

First Murphy...

Then Belle.

And do either of them have the decency to introduce me? Oh, hell no! Selfish bastards...

Saturday, June 03, 2017

27 new Thompsons in circulation

St. Louis Police Department is sensibly bringing in some hard cash to upgrade their officers' defensive weapons.

St. Louis police sell surplus weapons, including Tommy guns, for $1.2 million

So twenty seven of these historic shooters are now going out to collectors and the city's making some serious bank.

This is so much better than the time back in the early 90's that the City of Detroit held a press conference and smashed ten of these collectible guns with a roller as an anti-crime publicity stunt, saying that they were committed to keeping dangerous weapons off the streets. (They then turned around and sold all of their .38 Special revolvers to a nationally-known distributor for $15 each and they popped up in about every wholesaler's catalog within weeks.)

(Here's the one I bought shortly thereafter, complete with DPD markings.)

I think that in celebration of St. Louis wise decision, I shall take my Thompson out to shoot this week.
Let the sound of freedom be heard!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Poor Belle

Twenty four hours of thunderstorms, which means that Miss Memphis Belle stays closer to my feet than a pair of socks.

Murphy? Meh.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Roger Moore, RIP

Known primarily by most as James Bond, he also payed Simon Templar in The Saint for a bit, and Sean Finn in The Wild Geese.

He also poked fun at himself many times, spoofing himself in movies like Cannonball Run and even shows like The Muppets.

A quality act. He'll be missed.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Little X, at it again.

Took a walk down the side of my house today, down the narrow path where the dogs travel to the back yard from the side door. Almost missed this:
Almost Shepherd sized. The Cooler Queen has been doing her thing. That would have been a dog break tonight or tomorrow.
"Curses! Foiled again!"

But how did she breach that lattice?

So I'm driving down the road...

In Alabama the other day, and what do I see on the I-10?

Someone got a cool new toy!

Also can't help think about how handy that would be in New Orleans when the wheels finally fall off due to Mitch Landrieu's stunning managerial incompetence and the race-baiting that he uses to distract people from it. Plus it's also just about one of the few vehicles that can drive on city streets that have been so neglected as back-to-back Democrat administrations have siphoned off money meant to fix them and spent it on other things near and dear to them and their coterie of friends alone.

But mark my words...let enough Democrats run enough of America for too long and we WILL likely be seeing tanks in our streets.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Well that's one way to get deported

So this guy gets nailed for 103 incidents of graffiti on the UConn campus...and much of it is anti-Trump...and he's an illegal alien.

Man arrested on 103 counts of anti-Trump vandalism at UConn

Can you say "Straight to the top of the ICE deportation list"? I knew you could.