Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some days, the news is good

Especially when the news is reporting that illegal aliens are starting to leave our country and head back home. Both the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News have stories on it today. Of course both are pro-illegal sob stories that call them "immigrants" and play down the fact that the ones leaving are the illegals.

Why are they leaving? Well it seems that jobs are drying up and most of them only wanted to be in America for the money. Now that they can't get it, they're out of here.
Recently, a mother who raised three U.S.-born children huddled tearfully by her husband outside Denver's Mexican Consulate. For 15 years, his welding, truck driving and work at construction sites earned enough to make $1,200-a-month mortgage payments on a house in Aurora — even though she and her husband were in the country illegally.

Now after a year without work, they're facing eviction. They couldn't even afford the $95 permit Mexican officials offered for hauling possessions to Mexico tax-free. They asked that their names not be printed because of their immigration status, but they were in the process of packing up his Ford truck to head south in search of a more affordable life in Ciudad Juárez.
And of course it goes without saying that they're walking out on the mortgage and us taxpayers will have to pick it up via that damn bailout that Congress and the President shoved down our throats so that the bank that shouldn't have given it to them won't lose it's own money.
Signs of the gradual exodus can be found throughout Colorado.

• Starting in September, Mexican government officials noticed more workers lining up at their consulate for one-time permits that let Mexicans moving home import U.S.-purchased possessions tax-free.

Up to three a day ask for these permits, along with dozens seeking passports and other documents, officials said, compared with two a week last year.

• Business is brisk at cash-only car dealerships along Denver's Federal Boulevard that cater to immigrants. Mexican workers are hunting for affordable pickups, useful for hauling belongings — 1998 or newer to comply with Mexico's environmental laws, said Maria Casillas on the Sierra Auto Sales lot at South Federal and West Cedar Avenue. She and her husband have sold 21 vehicles in the past three months, triple the number sold during that period in 2007.

"They say they're going home because there's no work and they can't pay the rent."

• Bank data show the amount of money Mexican workers send home is falling for the first time in a decade. Mexico has come to rely on these remittances, which totaled $24 billion last year.

• Denver bus depot managers say Mexico-bound buses are filling up more swiftly than usual. Since October, four 55-seat buses a day departed from Denver's Central de Autobuses Americanos — a surge that manager Jose Hernandez said previously happened only for the December holidays.

"Some are going one-way," he said. "You figure they aren't coming back."
Others are supposedly leaving because of all of the increased enforcement of our immigration laws, including a series of anti-illegal bills passed in 2006.
One law created a state patrol unit with the authority to enforce immigration law during routine patrols and curb human smuggling. The unit has arrested more than 930 suspected illegal immigrants since July 2007.

Another law barred immigrants from receiving some state services unless they prove they are in the country legally. Also in 2006, but during a regular legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill requiring police to report anyone they believe to be in the country illegally to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Such laws have scared some illegals into leaving, while others now pout and decry them as part of a general anti-illegal sentiment among Americans that makes them feel unwelcome.

Let's see... All of you illegals are here uninvited. You thumbed your noses at us as you snuck into our country and stole our identities to get credit and fraudulent identification, then you undercut Americans in our own job market while driving on our roads unlicensed, uninsured and all too often drunk. You've shown no respect to us or our country, all while demanding that we learn your language to make it easier for you to clog our schools, hospitals courts and jails while we taxpayers get stuck with the bills. For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone wouldn't be sad to see you leave, especially knowing that employers will have to start hiring unemployed Americans at a decent wage again if enough illegals go home.

Don't let the border gate hit you in the ass on the way out.

Hit the road, Jack!
and don't ya come back
no more
no more
no more
no more
Hit the road, Jack!
and don't ya come back no more!


  1. Thanks for the article! Glad to see there is an upside to our economy tanking!
    Maybe this was the plan all along.. Tank the economy, get out the illegals and viola! Back to normal!

  2. lol. Now maybe that means WE Americans will have job opportunities opening up.

  3. I think AeroMexico could make a bundle by offering discounted ONE way tickets to Mexico City. I think even the US government could give them a coupon for a free in flight taco as an incentive to go back.