Friday, November 28, 2008


I was blessed enough to have Thanksgiving dinner with some really fantastic people. The food was incredible and the hospitality was unsurpassable. I was, however, somewhat amused to find out that the hostess was somehow under the impression that Lagniappe and I lived in a trailer. I was perplexed by this for a bit, but then I remembered the Lethal Weapon movies where Mel Gibson lived in a trailer with his dog, and then it dawned on me that she had simply mistaken me for Mel Gibson. As that tends to happen from time to time, I could understand her confusion when she found out that Lagniappe's Lair is actually a very nice house.


  1. Perhaps the hostess should add that the uncouth manners of said guest was what actually led to the trailer assumption! ;)

    Seriously, though, it was a pleasure to have you and you're welcome here any time! (Unless it becomes a habit to take my husband to a gun shop, at which time your visiting privileges will be suspended.)

  2. Now come on...let's be straight here. I was only accompanying said husband to said gun shop, and I in no way twisted his arm and forced him to buy that really nice gun, which he really only bought because he wanted his nice wife to be safe.

    So I deny any blame for any of his purchasing decisions this morning.

    And for the record, I'm actually quite couth. I'm overflowing with couth, truth be told. And I have at least three little witnesses in mind who will testify to that effect. ;-)

  3. You mistaken for Mel Gibson?

    Natasha just fell down laughing that anyone could have such poor visions.

  4. Yeah, ok...This from the woman that makes Ted Kennedy look like a safe driver. ;-)

  5. Anonymous11:07 PM

    I am thinking about a buying new gun. Could you twist my arm? Not that I need it twisted. My wife just bought me one of the evil Black Rifles.So buying guns as a rule is not a problem for me. A belated Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. hahaha!!! I guess you gotta take the compliments where you can! ;)

  7. And then you woke up, right??

    LOL......Hope you gave your doggie some leftovers!

  8. Anonymous4:30 PM

    LMAO....... sounds like you had a wonderful visit!!!!! If you ever get to Kentucky look us up.... We would love to have you and Lagniappe........ Speaking of guns and knives i have a dear friend that would be wonderful conversation for you about them. 4 time national champion skeet and other things. Traveled all over the world shooting and has an armory. Guns from the 1700's etc.... Simply amazing collection. All this from an old OBGYN who is deaf and was instrumental in ultra sound when it first came out as well as giving babies IV's while still inside the mother. He is a true national treasure. He makes his own guns and knives. Muzzle loaders, he is teaching me silver smithing blacksmithing and i think he and my husband are going to construct me a replica of a Harpers Ferry pistol. Thought you might like to know that.

    Anyway if you ever get an itch to come this way, our door is open.

    Hugsss glad you had a great visit!