Sunday, December 07, 2008

And the ID-10-T award of the week goes to....

JUSTIN DAVIS of Boulder, Colorado.
Authorities say a man's scheme to breeze through traffic by mounting flashing red and blue lights on his truck could put him on a fast track to prison.

The Boulder County Sheriff's office says 21-year-old Justin Davis was jailed this week after a slow-moving tow truck pulled over when the driver saw him using the lights. Sheriff's Cmdr. Phil West says the tow-truck driver became suspicious and followed Davis.

West says Davis left his Nissan truck at a shopping center when he saw he was being followed and called police from a gas station to report his vehicle stolen.

West says Davis told police he recently bought the lights to get through traffic.

Davis is free on $1,500 bail but faces a charge of impersonating a police officer, punishable by up to three years in prison.

There was no listed phone number for Davis.
What a 'tard. This is what happens when morons are allowed to shop on ebay.

I can't imagine why anyone would get suspicious of a Nissan pick-up with police lights.

Oh--and reporting the truck stolen...great move there. I hope they charge him with that, too.

On the bright side, once he gets out of jail, there's probably a job waiting for him in Michigan, especially if he's lucky enough to do time with Wayne County Commissioner Jewel Ware's husband.

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