Friday, December 05, 2008

There's got to be a reward for this chick

At the end of World War Two, thousands of Nazis fled from the allies and justice, hiding in every corner of the globe. Many of these people were sadistic torturers and most were never captured and held accountable for the pain that they caused.

Well I think I found one.

She's too young to have participated in WW2, but I could see her being maybe a grand-daughter of one of those soul-less monsters. She's certainly got the torture and infliction of pain down pretty good.

I am, of course talking about my new trainer at the gym. "Brutal" doesn't begin to describe this Valkyrie. She's pushing me hard. She never stops, knows no mercy, and she's totally remorseless, kind of like that chick Terminator in the last Schwarzenegger movie, only snarky.

I'm sore tonight after our most recent session. I'll hurt worse tomorrow.

But on the other hand, I've progressed more in the previous two weeks working with her than I have in the past couple of months. So it's paying off.

Still, I told her tonight that if she was a guy, I'd take her onto the boxing mat and cure that little sarcasm problem that she seems to be suffering from.

She replied that if I stick her program out and stay on track, she'll go for the best two rounds out of three.

NOW I'm motivated.


  1. Beating up girls! Or maybe you are going to get your butt whipped by a girl! LOL!!!!

  2. hehe!! Nice....sounds like she is kicking your butt and enjoying it! lol.
    Awww, what can I say, sometimes it takes a woman to whip you into shape! ;) And my money is totally on her for the boxing match!

  3. Okay, but if she wins, don't go slinking off into a corner, I want a full report right here.

  4. Sounds like a keeper;) Is she single? If so marry her;) You need a strong woman;)


  5. OK, I see how it's gonna be.

    I shoulda known that you all stick together.

    And I have observed and will put on the record the fact that she doesn't do the exercises herself. She just tells me that I'm not doing enough of them or doing them fast enough.

    Ain't that just like a woman? ;-)

    As to the boxing, apparently she did that in college, but I'm a guy so there's no way she's gonna win. Nope.

    But stay tuned. This may get more interesting.

    And yes, she is kinda cute, but sadly unavailable. Such is my life.

  6. She sounded like a " Miss Right " contender there for a while. I believe that down deep , you want ( no need) that dominant, possessive woman in your life.

    Give her your card and tell her you'll wait out her current relationship :)

  7. That's my biggest gripe about Billy Blanks. While he's putting us through the paces on his DVDs, he's walking around, yakking it up about the importance of staying with it. Easy to say when you're not sweating your way through the 36th squat and kick. Grrrrr!!