Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nutty dog stunt for Sunday, Jan 11th.

So I stop at the grocery store to get a three items, and as I usually do when I go to get a few items, I return with six bags full of stuff. (And I forgot one of the three things, too.)

Hey, I'm a guy. That's how we buy groceries.

But anyway, one of the things I bought was a pig's ear for Lagnaippe. , He loves those, and he's been good, so I bought one. When I got home, I carried all of the bags into the house and set them down on the kitchen floor. As I walked in, Lagniappe met me at the door as he always does, and gave the bags a cursory sniff. I thought nothing of it until I set the bags down and began to unpack them. That's when Lagniappe came into the kitchen, walked over to the bags, then stuck his nose into one of them, withdrew the pig's ear, and without so much as a by-your-leave, walked out of the room with it.

Once again, I'm amazed at his powers of smell and deduction. How he found that one item that he knew was his in all those bags, while ignoring all of the steaks that he knew were mine, is just beyond me.

I'm a little irked at his cheekiness though. I hadn't given that pig's ear to him yet, and I probably should have taken it back and made him wait until I decided that he could have it, but damn--that was just so smooth. He walked in, picked the bag, reached in, took the ear, and walked out. He may have been wrong, but I can't say that he wasn't cool.
"Paul Newman ain't got nothing on me...I'se Cool Hand Lagniappe."


  1. hahaha!!! He is such a smart dog! Kira and him have got to meet sometime! :)

  2. Are you kidding? They'd take over the world!

  3. He is just precious!

  4. He now Owns you. I would have taken it back just out of spite lol

  5. Anonymous4:33 PM

    You have to admit that was a slick move.

  6. He probably thinks you finally learned your place! Food guy.....

  7. ME:
    hehe!! I am sure they would, too, if given the chance! :)