Friday, March 27, 2009

Time to nuke Oakland

Yeah, I mean Oakland, California, home to socialist Nancy Pelosi, unreconstructed Communist Ron Dellums (former Congressman, now Mayor) and this bunch of liquor-drinking, welfare-check-getting, parole-violating, no-job-having pieces of shit who are out there cheering for their kindred scumbag Lovell Mixon, murderer of four husbands and fathers who were also outstanding police officers.

On the very day that our four heroes are being laid to rest, this pack of savages is out there marching on behalf of their murderer, taking pride in his actions and even defending Mixon for being the cowardly child-rapist that he was.
Asked about police allegations that Mixon was suspected in several rapes, including that of a 12-year-old girl, marcher Mandingo Hayes said, "He wasn't a rapist. I don't believe that."
Of course you don't Mandingo. (Who the hell names their baby "Mandingo" anyway?

And aside from his fat mama marching out there and proclaiming that her boy "isn't no monster", other relatives of his were also standing around waiting their turn to stay stupid stuff to the reporters.
Lolo Darnell, one of Mixon's cousins at the demonstration, said, "He needs sympathy too. If he's a criminal, everybody's a criminal."
NO, what he needed was a good kick in the ass when he was still young enough to be salvaged, and when he didn't get that, he needed to stay in prison so that the decent people--and even his own family members who are a long way from decent could be safe.

And am I the only one to notice that this so-called "march" is comprised of mostly able-bodied males and it's taking place during normal working hours? There's half of the problem right there. These cretins don't want to work like people are supposed to. They've only got time to drink, sling weed and breed another generation of babies that they have no intention of supporting...more babies who will grow up to be just like them and their new icon, Mixon.

Breitbart has two videos of these morons. Notice that the guy in the second one--the guy not at work--still seems to find the cash to buy big rings and megaphones, assuming of course that he didn't just steal both of them. They stand out in front of an office of some Socialist Party headquarters and blather on and on about how the police are some sort of "army of occupation" in an "African" community. They further complain about the police killing "black people" every day.

First of all, This isn't Africa and most Africans would be upset about the comparison. Contrary to stereotype, most people in Africa who have had access to the same educational and economic opportunities that these fools in Oakland had are upstanding members of the middle and upper classes and they run their countries instead of sitting around acting like punks like these Oakland losers are. And the police don't go around just killing black people, either. This isn't that kind of country and Oakland's not that kind of city, even with Ron "I'm a Sandinista" Dellums at it's helm. Here's a newsflash for you fools in Oakland...If the police shoot you, your color has nothing to do with it. It's usually because you were breaking the law and victimizing someone else and you chose to try to kill the police officers rather than let them stop you or bring you to justice. Your boy Mixon was the poster-child for that sort of thing--out on parole but still screwing up--raping young women and little girls, smoking dope and carrying guns. He finally got a little of what he earned, but we can't kill him enough times to balance the books for what he's done. Granted, if this really were the sort of socialist country that these marchers and people like Dellums advocate, we would be going after Mixon's family members and associates and killing them too. But this isn't that kind of country, no matter how much the scumbags that make those claims wish that is was.

I'm thinking that it's time to just wall that whole city of Oakland off. Take out the good folks--the ones who work, stay out of trouble and consider themselves loyal Americans--and just build a wall fifty feet high all around the city, leaving the remaining mutants to just hang out, kill each other off and build shrines to their hero Mixon out of old liquor bottles. If any of them try to get over the wall, we shoot them. If anyone outside tries to help them or support them, we toss them over the wall, too. Dellums can stay and be their mayor. Most of this crap is his fault anyway due to his stellar mismanagement and repeated failure to support the police.

We'll seal it up and let them go crazy for a while when the liquor and the crack runs out, and then we can just run some big pipes over the wall from the bay and fill it with water to the top of the wall. Problem solved. And maybe when we drain the water away, we can get the mess cleaned up by using prison labor from around the country. Let the other scumbags see what can happen when they get too far out of line, and then they can go home and tell all their friends.

Rest in Peace, my brothers. You deserve more support than you're getting from the people who depended on you to run their lives and solve their silly-assed problems. And when the mourning is over and it's time to get back to work, I hope that the remaining members of the Oakland Police Department are quick to get back out there and nail every one of those preening, dancing protesters who so much as drops a cigarette butt on the street. If there ever was a place that truly needed police-state policing, it's Oakland, CA from here on out.


  1. I was going to suggest turning it into a barbecue pit, but I guess an aquarium works too. GRRRRRR

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Amen brother, your outrage speaks for all of us.
    These scumbags are going to bring this country down...initiative and hard work are a thing of the past.
    And now with this new loser in office, he is going to hand it over to losers like this on a silver platter as he teaches them how to get everything for nothing from the ones who still cherish and hold those values.

  3. I am so saddened at all the tragedy that has struck the Law Enforcement community in the past week. Chicago, Oakland, my department, etc. Just heart wrenching.

    And what happened to those 4 brave officers in Oakland was tragic. I pray they are resting in God's arms.

    And I pray the shitbag is rotting in hell.

  4. "Nicole Brown said that she can't condone murder but that police don't respect residents of the area."

    Could that perhaps be because residents of the area demand respect they have not earned?

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I couldn't agree more with your sentiment regarding the fact that all of these people had the same chance at an education that we did. This needs to be the mantra of our cause; we need to speak this loud and clear to all sides of the issue. Majority of people like this work with the brain power of a gnat, yet if they had put any amount of effort towards their education they would easily be able to see this "protest" is completely without warrant or merit.

    My father was an LA City firefighter during the Watts riots back in the early 60's. He always said that he never understood why anyone would want to set fire their own community, and then throw bottles and rocks at the firemen who came to save them. Worse yet, he always attested that if these people had a real collective thought, they would have gone throughout OTHER communities and set fires. Doing such a thing would have allowed them to literally take over the city. My father was not a prejudiced man, but he never failed to mention how stupid these people were and was actually thankful for it in the long run.

    I totally get the aquarium effect you mentoined...pure genius. I couldn't think of a more fitting end to the likes of people who think that killing REAL heros deserves even a moments notice other than that of en mass our spitting on Lovelle Mixon's corpse as it is dragged through the streets for everyone to witness what happens to cop killers.

    Great article, great blog. Thanks to Nicki for introducing me to it.

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Keep speaking the truth... You beat me to this post. It infuriated me to read this and watch this....These animals need to be freaking nuked and then some, there is nothing like a little overkill for these bastards.

  7. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Let me get this straight: You don't like Pelosi because she is a socialist, yet you love police officers who ARE socialists? (since police agencies are rarely private firms. Listen, you can't have it both ways.)

    Nice hypocrisy there. Sounds like you don't have a problem with socialism itself, but with socialism that doesn't fit what YOU want it to be.

  8. Actually anonymous, it sounds as if you don't know what socialism really is. But I'll tell you what's not: The exercise of lawful authority for the limited purpose of maintaining order. That's not only Constitutionally mandated, it's also a world apart from the ideology that takes control of everyone's wealth and enslaves all of the workers for the so-called "common good". Law enforcement is not only compatible with freedom, it actually enhances and ensures it.

    You might want to pay a little more attention in school.

  9. Man, what the F*** happened? Why were there so many people in that room when that dirtbag touched it off? It's like the Chicago Black Panthers killings, but reversed, which my dad was involved in, and I looked at the comments on the SF and Oakland papers and I could not EFFING BELIEVE the hate directed at police.


    The 'assault weapon' thing? What? they had to have gotten shot with Chinese steel-core, or something, and that has bothered me for days.

    When the Staties got whacked in the '70s the punk who did it 'confessed', "The first motherf****r got careless, so I wasted him". And then he killed a couple more.

    Why on planet earth was this worthless f***bag let loose? Her was already a reactive, unthinking animal.

    What I'm thinking about right now is what can I do to prevent this kind of thing. Did these guys/ladies not go through the STREET SURVIVAL seminars? I did, and it changed completely my idea about what my job at the time was about.

    A closet? It's, pardon me,. FUCKING TEXTBOOK.

    I cry for the families of the four dead public servants, but you know what? There are lessons here. Let's learn them.

  10. Tom Wolff5:08 AM

    Don't forget Berserkely. Pull out the USMC office and the PGR and Legion Riders then flood the dump.

    To Anon @ 10:36 -

    So, by your definition, the trash
    collectors and water dept and street maintenance people are SOCIALIST entities? LMMFAO!

    "Stupid is as stupid does".