Sunday, April 19, 2009

4/20 arrives again, and like the Daffodils, the pot-heads and stoners spring forth anew...

April 20th is upon us again, and once again we can expect more brain-dead antics from the druggie crowd on some of America's more liberal college campuses, including but not limited to the University of Colorado. Every April 20th, our nation's underachievers gather to smoke dope, somehow thinking that if they all smoke dope at the same time, somehow it will make the rest of us vote to legalize their drug use.

They choose April 20th because it's the 4th month, 20th day and the number 420 is magical to those suffering from reefer madness. This is about the height of cleverness that the rest of us can expect from the pickled-brain crowd.

Sadly, the school officials that parents are entrusting their kids to typically turn their backs on these festivals of law-breaking and local police are just as culpable when they refuse to step in aggressively and hammer as many dopers as possible as hard as the law allows.

On one hand, I feel bad for these losers because they miss out on so much in life when they just sit around trying to bake their brains, but the conservative side of me says that even though they are immature, they're still old enough to know better and they're making their own choices. If they want to condemn themselves to a life of dead-end, minimum-wage jobs, that's really on them. But I draw the line at them doing this stuff at public universities that are supported by my tax dollars, even "universities" where someone like Ward Churchill is looked upon as something more than a fraud. (You know that someone there is smoking something just from that.)

The potheads even have a spokesperson (spokestoner?) and wanna-be leader who says that they need to learn to dress and act appropriately and lobby for the right to abuse drugs.
BOULDER, Colo. — A self-described conservative "soccer mom" told marijuana legalization advocates that they'll need to do more than smoke pot in public to get drug laws changed during a speech on the University of Colorado campus Saturday.

Jessica Corry, the executive director of the Colorado Civil Rights initiative, said 4/20 "smoke-out" events like the one planned for Farrand Field on Monday are a good way to bring attention to the issue.

But she said people fighting marijuana prohibition also need to participate in the political process -- and, she said, advocates need to show lawmakers a sober, serious side as well.

"They're laughing at us," she said. "The 4/20 events are fine... but let's also get people down to the Capitol in suits."

One thing she said is true, stoners. The rest of us are laughing at you. and we'll still be laughing at you in ten years or so when you're out of college and working hard at the local Fotohut because it's the only job that you could manage to get and hold onto.

How's that song go again? Oh yeah...

I was gonna put on a suit, but I got high.
Was gonna see my Congressman too, but I got high.
Now I'm 40, unemployed and in jail, and I know whyyyyyy....
Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high...

Pathetic losers. And the only ones more contemptible are the parents of these punks who write their tuition checks every semester, usually knowing good and well that their little over-indulged Jeff Spicoli clone is never going to amount to a damned thing and is only occupying a seat in classes that decent kids with actual futures could be making use of.


  1. In the gang world, it is known as a day of celebration because it is the day Hitler was born. This day is honored by many White Supremacist groups (including the KKK). And this year especially as it is also the 10th yr anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

    I did happen across an article also talking about this year's heightened gang activity this week in celebration of 4:20...

    I thought you might find this date being one the gangs also use to be interesting.

  2. Is it me or has most of the rest of the world gone stark raving mad? Between nutballs wanting to shoot up schools, idiots smoking pot to protest not being able to smoke pot (wtf?) and people thinking you can borrow your way out of debt.... Am I missing something? :):):)

  3. No, it's not just you. I sometimes think that we're just a day or two away from dogs and cats living together. Keep your pantry stocked, your gas tank full, and never pass up on a chance to snag one more box of ammo. If 4 years of Obama aren't enough to give us another Reagan sort in the White House and a Congress that actually listens to the working people, our country might well go past the point of no return.

  4. Funny that you said that.. About Reagan, et al.. When Obama was elected, just after my shock wore off, I started thinking who would be the 'Reagan' to come in after 'Carter'...
    Thing is, I don't know of anyone right now that has the 'right stuff' for the job.. If you do, clue me in.. :)
    FYI-You don't have to post this. I only replied this way as it's the only way to ask my question.. I've been trying to read back on your blog but have too many irons in the fire sometimes.. :)

  5. So the crowds of people who congregated for the tea parties were trouble makers and the groups that do not want a reinstated ban on assault weapons are “potential violent racists right wing extremists.”

    Yet, there is actually a designated date for potheads to congregate for a cause and their school and local police look the other way when they do?

    Hmmm....I guess this is the pathetic realization of “change we can believe in”.

    Oh, and I would love to be able to find even ONE box of ammo, but that’s not happening any time soon!!
    Luckily Obama is kissing the Saudi’s asses so I won’t have a shortage on the fuel I'll need driving around to look for it though.

  6. I am such a square, I didn't even know what that ment until I read it on another blog a few years ago(the blogger was worried because her sister had texted everyone "4/20"). I really had no clue.
    What a bunch of losers.
    Just Me-Yes as a matter of fact the whole world has gone stark raving mad!
    If you've ever seen the movie Blast From the Past, with Sissy Spacek & Brendan Fraiser, I really want to build a bomb shelter like they lived in! That way I wouldn't have to be bothered with the craziness that's going on!

  7. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Laura: you think the city of Boulder has enough police to control a crowd the size that congregates for 420? As a matter of fact they will be there, doing what is the only thing that is remotely sensible: keeping people safe. During the past years the event has yielded no incidence of violence to speak of..what are you expecting the BPD to do? Besides even if they had enough to take care of the crowd what would happen to the rest of Boulder during the several hour event?

  8. The police can do their best and arrest or cite as many people as possible. They can also catch people coming and going who commit traffic violations and happen to have drugs in their cars. They can even request help from other nearby agencies, especially ones with drug dogs. They may not get everyone, but they can get a couple hundred and once word gets out that people who show up may wind up in court and get a police record, there will undoubtedly be smaller crowds after that--maybe even small enough that everyone who shows up with dope can be arrested. But they need to at least get out there and enforce the laws of our land.

  9. Are you serious with the question as to what would I expect the BPD to do?
    Umm...their jobs.
    I also expect the SCHOOLS to take action since it is on their grounds.
    It doesn't matter if these people are breaking the law peacefully, they are still breaking the law, No?
    If they want to gather and hold a protest without the drugs, then you can argue "leave them be" because that is their right.
    But, once they bring any illegal substance into that picture, the game changes. To stand by and just watch is tantamount to accepting the behavior.

  10. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Previous years of experience tell me that the officers are doing the right thing by maintaining order. The university, for its part, sent out emails to all students urging them not to participate in the event as it "degrades" the institution. I pose the question...What do you think the university should do? They will have campus police on hand who will ticket anybody who gets into a fight or commits any other more substantial offense. I tried to leave another comment last night explaining why Cmdr. Tim McGraw won't be issuing loads of tickets. In the state of Colorado, marijuana possession (small amounts) /use only constitutes a class 2 petty offense. That is the lowest designation for crime in the state. Now another question is this, how do you expect a couple of dozen officers (real and campus) to crack down on a crowd of several thousand without affecting crowd safety. The last thing this town needs is another riot.