Monday, May 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Oh my God! Do they bite?"

Exclaimed by Nicki--with more than a tinge of panic in her voice--upon seeing real, live deer step out of the woods and cross the road during an evening walk with Lagniappe and I this past Saturday night.

Sarah Palin, she's not. ;-)


  1. You have to admit, those herbivores can be quite aggressive in a graceful and timid way.

  2. I'm a city girl. I admit it! If it has teeth, it is capable of biting. And deer aren't bright animals. They're stupid, which makes them unpredictable. And you never know... in the deer's eyes, we could resemble a sandwich!

  3. Surely, at that moment, you stopped to tell her the famous folklore legend about that tribe of deer who carried off a human baby and raised it as their own right? ;-)

  4. they are very Peaceful.....even more so when they are in the winter range

    (Freezer) :)

  5. that's too funny!

    we raised a little deer from the time it was 3 days old until it was a bit over a year because he lost his mommy (long story and not pretty).

    they don't bite
    but they do headbutt .. a lot ..when ya won't come and play lol

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    My wife is a city girl and when I moved her to the country she asked me where we could buy frogs for the pond.

  7. Okay, cut her some slack!! Deer are big and move very quickly...
    If they did bite, they could take a serious hunk outta your hide!! :):)
    There, done..
    My good deed for the day!!! :):)

  8. Yeah! What Just Me said! And let's not exaggerate the amount of actual panic that was in my voice at the time! It was more like somewhat frightened curiosity! :-p

  9. They don't bite, but they do make tasty meals. (and interesting tv for indoor dogs)