Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sometimes Justice still triumphs

And in Jeffersonville, Indiana, admitted cheater Kristen Reno and her enabling mom, Pamela Scott, got that lesson driven home this morning as her graduating class walked across the stage to get their diplomas without her.

You see, Kristen decided to have one of her friends improperly change her grade for at least one class in the school computer. When this was found out, the student who made the changes was expelled, and the kids who'd had their grades changes--including Kristin--were still allowed to graduate but were barred from the graduation ceremonies.

Now normally, this would have been the end of it. Lesson learned. But this is the day of the Liberal, where everyone is entitled to everything. Kristen and her mom hired a lawyer and sued the Clark County School Board to force them to let her walk across the stage with all of the other kids who hadn't cheated.

Now Kristen had been given an alternative option. The school had told her that she could re-take the exam that she'd cheated on, but she refused. She apparently decided that she shouldn't have to do anything at all to atone for what she'd done, and her and her mom (there was no evidence of a father in this story...go figure) rushed out and filed a hurried lawsuit rather than accept the punishment or retake the test the honest way.

However, Judge Jerry Jacobi decided that the school board was within it's rights to set punishments for cheaters and otherwise administer the school system, and he denied her plea for special treatment. Personally, I think that she's lucky to even be allowed to graduate and that any diploma that she gets should have an asterisk on it, kind of like Barry Bonds' steroid-assisted home run record.

Hopefully Kristen shakes off this "poor little me" attitude and comes away with the understanding that cheating is wrong and when you try to fraudulently gain something that you don't deserve, you stand a good chance of being penalized.

How does that Honor Code go again? Oh yeah... "I will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do." Kristen would do well to apply that to her life as she allegedly plans to attend Indiana University Southeast and become (are you ready for this?) an education counselor.

And here's hoping that mommy Pamela gets a wake-up smack to the head and quits coddling and enabling her kids. She certainly didn't do her brat any favors here when she taught her that doing wrong and getting caught just means that you hire a lawyer.



  1. I'm just glad the school board didn't cave at the threat of a law suit and let the little twit walk... She made her bed, let her lie in it.. :):)

  2. That's unbelievable. Her parent should have beat her ass and then sent her to a sort "scared straight" program instead of coddling such dispicable behavior. But, parents who hold children accountable are going the way of the dinosaurs these days.

    And why did the kid who actually did it get in more trouble than the one who asked him to do it?

    I think it would do the potential colleges well to know what they are getting in this entrant. So she got caught this ONE time, it would still makes me suspicious of every grade she ever got. It would serve that cheating little brat (and all her accomplices) if the colleges they want to attend got an anonymous letter spelling out what they've done and let that school decide if they want to use up a perfectly good spot on a person who has no moral compass and thinks she can get away with anything. Some other student who would never even think of cheating is going to miss out on an education there because she will be taking up a desk. These stories just piss me off.

  3. I really hate these parents who raise self-entitled brat kids who consider themselves too precious for hard work! What is it that makes them believe they're so damn special?

  4. I'm glad that the school board didn't cave and the Judge upheld the school's right to punish. And I'm equally glad you wrote this with no mention of race, creed or national origin.

  5. WolfDog7:13 PM

    As a retired Catholic School teacher (6th, 7th and 8th grades) this kind of enabling goes on with most, if not all, parents. ..."why are you treating my child like this? He/she has done nothing to deserve this. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!"... Or some variation on the above conversation. To use a well worn phrase..."welcome to education in 21st century America"...

  6. In related news, from the Ingham County Community News:

    "Citations Given: May 29: An officer made contact with a minor out after curfew. The officer recognized the juvenile as having had frequent contacts with officers as a truant and the perpetrator of domestic assaults on family members. The officer transported the minor home, only to discover the mother smoking marijuana. This was detected as a result of the odor emanating from inside the residence. A 'blunt' was recovered, and the mother issued a citation for marijuana use. The junenile was cited for curfew violation."

    As they say, "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree"

  7. This little twit is an idiot. I'm surprised IU hasn't rescinded her acceptance. At least any school corporation that she applies to for a job will google her name, and find out about her crime, and then not hire her.

  8. As if I need it but kids/parents like her are or will be job security for the police.