Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Oh cry me a river...

The shenanigans never seem to stop in the nation's capitol...

This time, we have a whole neighborhood of residents in Washington DC who are all upset because they looked out of their houses recently and saw what they thought was a real police raid. It turned out that it was just staged for a TV show filming. Nonetheless, they’re all outraged because they claim that they were frightened and inconvenienced by the action.
Montgomery County police officers staged a fake raid in Northwest D.C., complete with guns drawn and police lights blazing, sparking outrage from local residents who were not warned that the cops were acting for a TV show.

About a half dozen off-duty officers, who wore county uniforms and drove county police cars, were hired by a local production company to stage a police raid on 315 Aspen St. NW, which is about a quarter of a mile from the Montgomery-D.C. border.

"If the D.C. police had been in Montgomery County, that's all [anyone] would have talked about," said an irate Kelly Craven, who lives a few houses down from the raided house.
The filming was for a show called "Prison Wives," which is about women who fall in love with and marry prisoners, according to neighbors. The show is in development for the cable channel Investigation Discovery, according to its Web site.

Filming went on for half a day and looked like the real thing, neighbors said.

"They stormed the house like a SWAT team and they said, 'Police, search warrant, open up,'" said James Hall, who lives next door and shares a driveway with the house that was used in the filming.

D.C. Councilwoman Muriel Bowser, D-Ward 4, said in a letter to Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger that she shares the outrage of her constituents.

"The neighbors ... were never notified of this disruption to their lives, and were justifiably terrified when they saw uniformed officers swarming a neighbor's house with guns drawn," Bowser said.
I can’t help but think that if any of these people had JOBS, then they wouldn’t have even known about this because they wouldn’t have just been sitting around in their houses during the hours that most of the rest of us are at work.

But let's give 'em statehood so that they can elect Marion Barry to Congress, eh? You know that they will if we do.


  1. Oh, I am sure they have jobs. They just had to take the day off so they could watch that pathetic display of "celebration" that is being called Jackson's funeral. I am sure they are the ones who are claiming his sainthood about now. This world is falling apart. Outrage over filming a movie, give me a break. Yeah, I am sure they were just horrified and oh so traumatized. Those losers are probably just hoping to get a lawsuit settlement out of it for their "pain and suffering" from the production company.

  2. I normally agree with you.

    But... (always a but) I'm newly unemployed, which means, I, too am one of those home without a job. Plus, I used to BE the television production crew and they KNOW better than that crap.

    It would bother me too. Mostly because I wouldn't have the inside scoop (husband's a SWAT guy) and it would drive me nuts... but still.

    Someone dropped the ball. Now, that said, heads should NOT roll. At least not at the city/PD. Someone should call up FROM THE PRODUCTION COMPANY and apologize out the ass... not the department, not the city, etc. But we both know who they think has deep pockets and who they'll complain about.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Give them on tiny flea to bitch about and they will make it an infestation........ Oh RIGHT, they are the infestation that the Police fight every day.........

    Good one when you said, "if they were at work, they would have never noticed". What a novel idea, working people.... LOL.......... No just flea's and ticks sucking off the system and collecting their checks.

  4. How can they be horrified with what is almost a daily occurrence to them or their neighbors and friends ?

    Next thing you know , they will demand to be advised when the police are going on real raids ?!!