Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Democratic Party HQ in Denver vandalized...by A DEMOCRAT!

The Democratic Party's Denver office was attacked by two vandals last night. The two reportedly covered their faces before shattering several windows with hammers and riding away on bicycles. Behind those windows were posters depicting Barack Obama and calling for support of his health care scheme.

Naturally there was immediate outrage among local Democrats when the story broke, and Republicans, Conservatives and anyone else opposed to Barack Obama's health care scheme were blamed and condemned for it.

Unluckily for the Democrats however, the police quickly snarfed up one of the vandals, and it turned out to be a committed leftist (read: "Democrat") by the name of Maurice Schwenkler. And who is Maurice Schwenkler, you ask? Well according to news reports, he's a paid activist for a so-called "Progressive" (read: "Democrat") front group called the Colorado Citizens Coalition, an organization that lobbied for Barack Obama's health care scheme.

Reichstag Fire, anyone? It sure looks like the extreme left has been caught red-handed trying to gin up support for their cause and discredit anyone who opposes them by attacking their own building and crying "victim". I'm guessing that they didn't expect Denver's Finest to be on the ball, but alas, DPD snared the alleged malefactor and darn the bad luck, but it's one of the Dems' own!

This is apparently what we can expect from Obama's crowd, folks. They'll attack us and call us names for disagreeing, and then they'll attack themselves and blame us...all because they can't convince a majority of Americans to go along with any more of their attempts to grab more control of the private sector and spend more money.

Good job, Denver Police. But for you guys, they might have gotten away with this.

UPDATE: More to come on this. Denver Police reportedly have Schwenkler's accomplice in custody now, too.

UPDATE #2: No one else in custody now, but it turns out that Schwenkler is a shemale and radical gay activist. It's friends are trying to raise bail money and they beg--publicly--for people to not call the jail and "out" Schwenkler as a guy who thinks he's a gal. As if making that request publicly isn't going to do that...do those retards think that jail inmates don't watch TV, listen to the radio, talk to family or see newspapers? Come on now...

Oh--and BTW...the number for the jail is 720-913-3600. BWAHAHAHA!


  1. When you start including all facets of oddball behaviors in your political party, you gotta expect that some of them are going to do asinine things like this..
    When you let the oddballs run the party, you're screwed..
    And they wonder why we think they're looney........

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Oh the Looney Left they never cease to amaze me.

  3. I am sorry to do this in the comment section, but you don't have an email link. I sent you this story once before, but it was when your comments and the spam and stuff all got messed up and I am sure you did not see it, since I think you and Lagniappe both would have been outraged over the shooting death of bonafide Lone Survivor Hero Marcus Lutrell's assistance dog DASY by some total scumbags. Here's the Wiki quick and dirty story -

    Dog shot at his home
    On April 1, 2009, four teenage males approached Luttrell's property and killed his dog, Dasy, with a .357 Magnum revolver at approximately 1 A.M.

    Each letter of the name "DASY" represents one of the fallen members of his team—Daniel "Danny" Dietz, Matthew "Axe" Axelson, Southern boy (Marcus), and Michael "Yankee" Murphy. She was given to him in recovery to help him through rehabilitation.

    Luttrell proceeded to follow the individuals through three counties in his truck—apparently armed with two 9 mm Berettas—until Onalaska Police apprehended the individuals. Upon arrest, the suspects verbally threatened Luttrell's life and taunted him. Alfonso Hernandez was arrested on-scene for driving without a valid drivers license and later charged with animal cruelty. Michael Edmonds turned himself in on April 7, was booked, and posted bond on the same charge. The other two individuals were not indicted. The males are also suspects in the killings of other neighborhood dogs.

    I heard the interview with Marcus on the Glenn Beck show the day after it happened when Glenn was genuinely worried that Marcus might harm himself. I was in tears and I just figured you might want to make commentary about the probablity of these four scumsucking wastes of oxygen living to see another April once the SEALS get through with them...

    Hugs and kisses to Lagniappe. He and his arsenal are popular in Texas too!

  4. Can he be prosecuted under prevailing "hate crime" laws? This is in the same category as the swastika on Rep Scott's sign. Hate crimes -- but not on the supposedly intended.

  5. So where are the democrats to defend him for "expressing his views". After all now that we know he was a democrat his actions are now ok.

    Shame on you for picking on this "Community Organizer". He is just a poor misunderstood victim of society.

  6. Wow.
    He's a real manly man, isn't he?
    No wonder "he" wants free health care.
    So "he" can finally have "the operation."

    Now that we know the DNC paid him $500 during the election, and that he was directed to do this by the SEIU, maybe the GOP will get wise and set up a rapid response team?

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