Friday, August 21, 2009

A hero recieves his due once more

Well it's good to see that American hero Danny Dietz is still recieving recognition in his hometown for his selfless sacrifice in Afgahnistan.

Long-time readers here may recall my earlier story about the attempt by local members of the VFW to place a statue honoring Dietz in a city park only to have anti-war, anti-gun and anti-American fruitbats like Emily Cassidy and Linda Cuesta start protesting it and circulating flyers and petitions in opposition because they thought that the statue glorified war and guns.

Fortunately the lemon-suckers lost their fight and that statue was placed and dedicated before a large crowd of patriotic Americans, including members of the military and the Dietz family.

LITTLETON, Colo.—State officials and family members of slain Colorado Navy SEAL Danny Dietz will help dedicate a stretch of South Santa Fe Drive in the commando's honor.
The ceremony was planned for 10 a.m. Tuesday at Vanderbilt Park, North of Mississippi Avenue. The stretch of Santa Fe Drive from the intersection with Interstate 25 to C-470 will be named Petty Officer Danny Dietz Memorial Highway.

Dietz grew up in Littleton and graduated from Heritage High School in 1999. He was killed in 2005 in Afghanistan in a gun battle with Taliban forces when his unit was ambushed.

The military says Dietz fought off attackers for more than 45 minutes, allowing one of his team members to escape. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, the Navy's second-highest medal.
If I had my way, those who have attacked and undermined our war effort and vilified our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines abroad would be forever barred from driving or riding on the section of roadway. And I would specifically bar Emily Cassidy, Linda Cuesta, John Murtha, and any past or present member or supporter of groups like Code Pink.

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  1. WolfDog9:48 AM

    Like most liberals, the anti war, anti gun, anti whatever strikes their fancy never hesitate to make use of that which they so vehemently protest.