Friday, September 04, 2009

Police officers exhonerated and woman charged after false rape accusation

Emily Petersen, you are one ugly person.

And I'm not just talking about your face.

Back in June of this year, Emily Petersen, of Castle Rock Colorado, was drinking in the Tailgate tavern in Parker, Colorado. She reportedly became upset when told to either finish her drinks or pour them out at closing time and began to curse the bar staff. She was apparently then told to leave but simply cursed them some more and refused.

Eventually the police were summoned and she was escorted out.

Now that happens every day in America and it's no big deal. However Emily is apparently one of those little bitches who is so spoiled and malicious that she felt no qualms at all about trying to destroy the lives of the two police officers who walked her out and sent her on her way. She went in the next day and filed charges, claiming that the police officers had beaten and raped her.

Fortunately, there were cameras that discredited her story, and investigators found cell phone records and other evidence that proved that she was lying. She's now being held in jail awaiting her own trial on charges of false reporting, forgery, and attempting to influence a public servant.

Now let's be clear right now that false charges like this made against anyone are devastating, but much more so in the case of a police officer. These officers faced the loss of their careers and reputations as well as the possibility of jail time. But Emily didn't see anything wrong with that. To her, that was apparently a fair payback for them telling her to leave a bar that she wanted to stay at.

So congrats to the cleared officers, and kudos to the investigators that broke her story and to the DA who actually charged her with felonies for this. It's a sad fact that in many jurisdictions, they don't even consider bringing charges against people who lie on the police. And that sort of inaction only encourages everyone who gets so much as a traffic ticket to think about it, either as a ploy to get the case dropped or just to get even.

Here's hoping that Emily gets some heavy jail time out of this, and that any potential future employers or suitors Google this chick before getting involved with her.


  1. These are the ones that need a swift and painful smack upside the head.. Sheesh...

  2. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Lock her up and throw away the key.