Friday, October 09, 2009

They gave WHO a Nobel Peace Prize?

When I heard the news that Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize this morning, admittedly my first thought was “What the fuck?!”

I mean, seriously—the deadline for the nomination was February 1st. Obama had been in office less than two weeks. He hadn’t even done anything but read a few speeches off of a teleprompter. (And he still hasn’t as of this writing, but we’ll deal with that later.)

Only two other sitting US Presidents have ever been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Theodore Roosevelt got it for brokering an end to the Russo-Japanese War, and Woodrow Wilson got it for creating the League of Nations. But those were actual accomplishments of note. All Obama had managed to do in his first couple of weeks in the White House was get himself photographed trying to open a window that he’d mistaken for a door and smacking his head on the frame of Marine One—hardly impressive.

But then I remembered who was awarding these “prizes” and I just shrugged. Everyone knows by now that this prize had been turned into a blatant political tool to promote leftist agendas now. It’s not about “peace” or even doing something. If it was, Ronald Reagan would have got it for ending the Cold War and toppling the communist regime in Nicaragua. George W. Bush might have gotten it for bringing democracy to both Iraq and Afghanistan. But Obama? Hell—he won’t even meet with the Dalai Lama or condemn the human-rights practices of China because apparently in Obama-land, freedom from oppression takes a back seat to appeasing those who buy our debt. Perhaps that’s why even now, he’s conceding that the Taliban cannot be beaten in Afghanistan (and inviting them to become part of the new government) and cutting off funds to the group that documents human-rights violations by the government of Iran.

If there’s an award for the sort of “peace” that Obama is trying to create, it should be named “The Neville Chamberlain Prize” after its archetype.

But to be fair, we all know that the Nobel Prize committee has a radical leftist agenda and they have for years. That’s why they’ve “honored” the likes of Yasser Arafat and former US President Jimmy Carter along with environmental nutjobs like Al Gore. In fact these days, if you are a prominent leftist, you’ve probably got a Nobel prize for something in your future just for being you.

But let Obama preen and show off his shiny new trinket. The world knows what it really means: Bupkus.

It’s a joke and the rest of the world needs to stop dignifying it as anything else.

And in case you’re wondering, I meant the Nobel prize, not the Obama presidency, but that’s pretty much a joke too, only not a funny one.

EDIT: Fox News columnist Tommy De Seno has a great take on this travesty here:
How to win a Nobel Prize in 12 Days.


  1. Yeah, my jaw pretty much dropped to the floor and I believe I yelled "What?!?" so loud the neighbors across the street heard me. What the heck has this pathetic excuse for a president done that is deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize?!? NOTHING!!!!!! Absolutely nothing.

    This is almost enough to make a person go out and buy themselves a private island to get away from all the madness that is rapidly sweeping the world!

    There is a poll being taken on the internet on this issue of whether or not he deserved this prize. The MAJORITY (up to 69% now) said HELL NO!! And I avidly agree.

    The only thing he has done since taking office is destroy our great nation one buyout at a time. Heck, most of our auto industry, banking/finance institutions, and loan companies are now being owned by our government. Tell me that ain't Socialism in the works!

    He is literally robbing our country of its freedoms - something the founding fathers warned us would happen if we let government take too much power and if we began to rely on them for assistance.

    And so it has begun. The destruction of our freedoms and the birthing of socialism in its place.

  2. Well said. They irony of the Dalai Lama situation less than a week ago and him actually getting this award is priceless. He was like a jr. high school kid who says, sorry, I can't hang out with you because some of the cool kids don't like you and I don't want to ruin MY reputation with them. Man this whole presidency so far has been nothing but infuriating.
    That recent SNL skit highlighting the fact that so far he has done NOTHING, was spot on.

    He should have returned the NPP to them and said, "Thanks but I don't deserve this. Because while I HOPE to do some good stuff, I haven't yet and there are others who have already made amazing contributions. Please reconsider."

    At least I would respect him for that. But the fact that he accepted it when he knows darn well he is not worthy makes him that much more of a worm.

    Then he should take the money and hand it over to the unemployment fund since he hasn't created a single job with his assbackward agenda that he promised.

    But we all know he is an arrogant Jackass and now his head will get even bigger with this award.
    Truly pathetic.

  3. I just spent a bit of time surfing the net and watching all the different polls being taken on whether or not Obama deserved this prize. Every single poll out there (by both liberal and conservative news groups and/or random blogs) ALL voted a majority NO. The percentages were anywhere from 55% to 79%. It is very obvious that the majority of Americans do not think he deserved it. Besides, look at all the responses those in his own party are making: "For what?" is the common question even they are asking. Huh. That should say something.

    Okay. So this whole thing has infuriated me ALL day. *end rant*

  4. I thought it was a joke when I first heard it. Something from SNL. Or the Onion...
    However, this simply devalues future 'Nobel' prize winners..
    Oh well......

  5. I heard that Obama also won the Heisman trophy simply for attending a football game. :)