Saturday, November 21, 2009

Burn Notice boycott is OVER!

OK. After reading this great post on Blackfive, my self-imposed boycott of the show Burn Notice is at an end.

Some of you may recall a post a few months back where I expressed a great deal of disappointment over something that lead actor Jeffery Donovan did off the set. It was enough to make me give up watching what had been one of the very few modern shows that I ever watched. But that's all in the past now as it has been more than atoned for by his recent action--traveling to Iraq with co-star Bruce Campbell to visit our troops serving there.

That's the sort of class that we used to routinely see from our Hollywood celebrities back in the day that Hollywood was patriotic and actually supported America and our troops. (That would be "pre-George Clooney" for those who don't remember those days.)

Here they are shooting with our troops at Combat Outpost Meade on November 13th.Yeah, Jeffrey Donovan needs someone to teach him how to actually hold that Beretta M9. No one uses that old "cup-and-saucer" hold any more. But Bruce Campbell (below) seems to be enjoying that M249 SAW and making good use of it.

And here, Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Donovan hold the U.S. flag as Spc. Peter Jank re-enlists on Nov. 12, at Joint Security Station Nasir Wa Salam, Iraq. (Spc. Jank is the one on the right, standing ahead of Donovan.)

Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell did not have to go to Iraq. They could have done as most of the rest of Hollywood has done and is still doing and just ignored our troops. But they went, and they gave our troops a much-needed boost. So because they did that, Burn Notice is once again back on the TV here. Good job, guys.

And Hey Aaron, how about shooting me Season Three on DVD?


  1. Glad you're back with the Burn Notice fans, and they're both class acts (I'd say he redeemed himself for that mistake eh?).

    As for the DVD Set, When it comes out, it'll be on top of my birthday present list for you!

  2. Cool! We love Burn Notice around here, too. Not many shows can successfully blend action, drama, comedy, and romance and still have a great story week after week. So happy to hear I have an even more substantial reason for watching: the character of the lead character.

  3. Woo hoo! And just in time for the new season in January!! (which still seems too far away)