Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They call it "dope" for a reason... yet another example.

So police in Mansfield, Lousiana executed a raid on a dope house, only to find the suspect who owned the house coming out of the bath room, no doubt grinning like the Cheshire Cat. The toilet was still running and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the dope had been flushed.

But all was not lost. The dope house wasn't connected to the municipal sewer system; it has a septic tank, meaning that the drugs hadn't gone far.

So the police brought a backhoe in and tore up the septic tank. A bag filled with meth, used needles and urned tin foil was quickly recovered, resulting in the arrest of the home's owner, Paul Fuller. Fuller, 49, of Frierson, was booked into the DeSoto Detention Center on one count each of possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a firearm with a Controlled Dangerous Substance.

But the good guys scored even better. A second doper, Joshua D. Verhoef, 27, of White Oak, Texas, just happened to be present when the raid went down. He was taken into custody and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and parole violation.

And if that wasn't fortuitous enough, a third knucklehead, Curtis Raye Tisdale, 58, of Greenwood, drove up to the scene as deputies were there. He consented to a search of his vehicle and wound up getting arrested along with his pals after drugs and a weapon were found in his vehicle.

Hint to dopers: Flushing dope doesn't work if you're on a septic system. Hint to dopers #2: if you're on parole, hanging around a dope house probably isn't a good idea, and hint to dopers #3: If you go over to your buddy's dope house and see the police all over the place, you might want to just keep driving, especially if you have dope and guns in your vehicle.

Yeah, folks, these guys perfectly represent the sort of brain trust that keeps telling us that drugs should be legal.


  1. Bet the guy wasn't wearing a Cheshire grin after they tore up his septic system! haha!! Gotta hand to the cops at the scene for their smart thinking on that one! :) Priceless! And I am sure the judge had to chuckle over the recovery of evidence. I would have. lol.

  2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    And yet again, we are saved from people who are doing what they want, with their own bodies.

    Go War on Drugs.


  3. Oh well, Anonymous. You want to live in America, you accept the laws unless and until you can change them. The majority of Americans don't want meth heads cooking or selling that stuff in their communities. If meth or any other drug is that important to you, I understand that there are no laws against use or possession in Somalia.

    So you get to choose: Live here or have your drugs. It's up to you.

    As for me, I support full enforcement of our drug laws. Whack 'em all hard.

  4. ME:

    AMEN!!! :) "Whack 'em all hard" Love it!

    My state had a debate this past month over medical marijuana. The majority ruled in favor of having it. So now the state is debating the issue even further of whether or not they will allow it.
    Geez....first we allow gays to marry and now they are fighting for legalized marijuana. What's next?!?

  5. You know where I stand on guns, drugs, etc. But just as food for thought... what if drugs were legal?

    Smart people don't do drugs, legal or not.

    Given the chance, stupid people would do legal drugs in mass quantities, probably to the point of killing themselves.

    As long as they stay off the street while they are doing them, wouldn't that just speed up the cleansing of the gene pool?

    (Just sayin'...)

    Kisses to the pooch! Happy Thanksgiving to you and N too!!

  6. The problem is, druggies don't just stay off the streets. They use drugs, then go out and injure/kill others, either because they are high, or because they want money for more drugs and are committing crimes since they cannot hold jobs. They also use drugs then turn up at our hospitals demanding treatment. None of us live in a vacuum, so it's to the benefit of all that we restrict the ability of the few losers to harm themselves and others.

    And Happy Thanksgiving right back to you. Lagniappe is already doing his Turkey dance.

  7. Anonymous [5:34 PM]:

    If it were only people doing what they want with their own bodies, then I would likely empathize with your posture.

    One reason why the unregulated manufacture and trafficking in methamaphetamine is so detrimental to society is that meth labs almost always leave an environmentally toxic residue.

    [Not to mention the public safety issues associated with a meth user behind the wheel of a motor vehicle on a public highway.].