Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Well the elections are over.

Virginia just saw a massive rout of Democrats and is now a red state again after electing a new GOP Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney general and several new GOP Delegates. Bob McDonnell is the new Governor after positively trouncing Democrat Creigh Deeds, who basically just ran a months-long smear campaign against McDonnell which grew so tiresome that even Obama backed away from him, fearful of going down with his sinking ship.

New Jersey was even sweeter. A solid blue state just went red with the defeat of incumbent Democrat Governor Jon Corzine and his replacement by Republican Chris Christie, who picked up the support of many of the state's independent voters who had backed Obama just a year ago, and this despite Obama practically living in New Jersey these past two weeks, begging those people to vote for Corzine.

Smack. That's going to sting for a while.

The only sour note was the loss of Doug Hoffman by a narrow margin up in NY-23. He was the solid conservative who came from nowhere in the last month to unseat the GOP's hand-pick for the open seat, Dede Scozzafava, a liberal with ties to the labor unions and ACORN who was running as a Republican with the support of the state and national Republican parties. And when Hoffman pulled ahead of her in the polls due to the grass-roots support of many of us across the country, Scozzafava showed her true colors by dropping out and endorsing the Democrat, Bill Owens, basically slapping the GOP hard after they gave her over a million dollars in campaign funds. But that's gratitude for ya.

And it's noteworthy that Owens only trumped Hoffman by about five percentage points, while Scozzafava still received six percent of the vote despite not being in the race on election day. Bascially, she still siphoned off enough GOP votes to keep Hoffman out of that seat and thhat seat in GOP hands, and that's without figuring in the number of her supporters who actually did as she did and cast sour grapes votes for Owens. But I congratulate Doug Hoffman for his run and his impressive climb in the polls, and I only hope that the GOP learns a lesson--we don't want RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) representing our party. Personally I'd rather see a Democrat in a seat than a Republican who votes with the Dems on the issues. But now it just remains to make Scozzafava pay and pay big for her treachery. She needs to hit the unemployment line, never to darken the door of a GOP event again.

But we still won two of the big three races last night, and to quote Meatloaf: Two out of three ain't bad.

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  1. Like someone kinda bright said, 'We had to go through a Carter to get Reagan!'
    Perhaps the tide will turn.. :):)