Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts senate race close...And voting fraud already being discovered

As usual, since it appears that the far left "progressives" might not be able to win honestly, they're doing what Ed Schultz suggested and cheating. Michelle Malkin, Michael Graham and others watching are circulating a video of a known democrat activist named Isabel Martinez handing out blank absentee ballots and instructing people to mark off Democrat Martha Coakley's name. Other shenanigans are reportedly going on as well, all aimed at defeating Republican Scott Brown and helping Coakley win. Do we really need another fraudulently-elected senator in Washington? Isn't Al Franken enough?

We'll see what we'll see when the polls close. And of course the Dems are already talking about slowing the official count down to keep Brown from taking the seat if it appears that he won.

Be ashamed, Dems... Be ashamed.

Oh--and MSNBC's Ed Schultz is now saying that not only is he not sorry that he advocated voter fraud in this race, but he'd actually cheat twice as much and vote twenty times if he could...and of course he calls anyone who disagrees with him more nasty names. How can any of you Democrats let this guy stand next to you and claim to be one of you? Surely there must be at least one of you who has some honor?



  1. Since when do Dems worry about honor and integrity? The ends justify the means for them, and defeating a conservative "bastard" justifies all kinds of fraud and other illegal activities.

  2. Winning is power. Those in power make the rules and thus, the end justifies the means. There is no honor in politics.