Sunday, March 28, 2010

James Cameron wants to challenge me to a duel in the streets?

I just returned from the firing range and happened upon this amusing article about Liberal Hollywood director James Cameron. (Thanks, Breda!)

Evincing his disdain for people smarter than he is, specifically those who don't buy into the "global warming" hoax-du-jour, Cameron states that he wants a showdown in the streets with those of us who disagree with him.
The "Avatar" director was equally unsparing in his comments about those who don't accept global warming as fact.

"That's right," Cameron said. "I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads."
Well I'm your Huckleberry, Mr. Cameron. I accept. As the challenged party, I choose 1911 .45 Automatics, duel to be fought in the old dueling ground in what is now New Orleans City Park.

Lagniappe has agreed to be my second in this affair of Honor. He will also assume an overwatch position with his rifle just in case you wish to try to cheat, as liberals are wont to do. Try to bring in some back-shooting ringer and he'll drop you both like a pair of dirty socks.

Following this duel, Lagniappe, my supporters and I shall adjourn to the piano bar at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop in the French Quarter to celebrate the vanquishing of a loud-mouthed liberal.

Name the time, Cameron. We'll be there.

Oh--and be sure to bring bandages and your new Obamacare card. You'll need 'em.


  1. Heh heh. Cameron brings to mind an image of a six year old, stomping his feet with his hands clenched tightly into 2 little fists. His face red with fury he screams his logic into his parents face.

    "Is too! Is too! Is Too! I'll hold my breath til you agree! Waaahhhh!"

    On the other hand. Isn't it instructive just how violent the left really is?

  2. Should Lagniappe be unable to attend, I would be most honored to serve as your second. Should, heaven forbid, something go terribly wrong and you lose, might I have your 1911 collection?

    Respectfully submitted,

  3. There is a provision in my will that leaves all my stuff to whoever avenges my death by taking out whoever took me out.

  4. I'll be your cheerleader! :)

  5. IF you're doing Lafayettes, I'll buy the first round! :-)

  6. Lafitte's dammit. NOT Lafayettes... ONE of those days...

  7. That's doable. Done and done.

  8. His statement only proves how stupid the left can be. I mean, how dumb can you get, challenging the gun-owners and shooters of America to a gunfight, when you don't like, own or use any firearms.

    Of course, he probably has armed bodyguards, but in a duel, they would have to stand down.

  9. FPS as a cheerleader?

    Dallas Cowboys, eat your hearts out.

  10. LOL!! :)

    Awwww....thanks! :)
    *blowing a kiss your way*