Monday, March 22, 2010

Odor of a corrupt bargain, indeed.

With all of the arm-twisting and bribes being put out there to coerce a majority of the Democratic Party to go against the will of their voters--most of whom opposed Obamacare--one has to wonder just how far the Obama Administration was willing to go to get those votes.

Well in the case of West Virginia's Congressman Alan Molohan, a representative who was "undecided" until just before the vote, (he then came out enthusiastically for it when it was too late for his constituents to pound him for it) it would appear that a very corrupt bargain indeed may have been struck.

If you recall, Molohan has been under criminal investigation by the US Justice Department for four year now, stemming from very substantial allegations that he used his position as a Congressman to facilitate and profit obscenely from some real estate deals that literally made him a millionaire overnight.

Of course this massive ethical cloud wasn't enough to get Nancy Pelosi to remove him from his position as Chairman of the House Ethics Committee, where he actually controlled the budget of those investigating him on similar lines in the House, but we all know by know that Pelosi's promise to "drain the swamp" and target corruption in the House came with an expiration date--it expired the moment that Democrats became the majority in Congress.

So what happened back in January when Obama was trying to get the support he needed for his unpopular heath care scam? The Justice Department suddenly closed it's investigation of Molohan. And yes, that's the Justice Department run by Eric Holder, a man well known for using his position to gain political support for his bosses, be it the Clintons or Obama. This is the guy who sold pardons and dismissed already-obtained convictions; shutting down an investigation that hadn't been wrapped up yet was probably child's play.

So Molohan's criminal case and the possible future of a few years in federal prison just vanished, and suddenly the Congressman who claimed to be "undecided" on Obamacare turned around and cast one of the final, crucial votes for it.

Coincidence... You decide.

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