Monday, March 01, 2010

What should we do with Stacie Mullins?

22 year old Stacie Mullins of Madison Township, Ohio has just reached the top of my list of people who need to be beaten within an inch of their lives, then branded with a scarlet letter on her forehead, then sterilized to prevent her from ever having children, then flown to the Sudan and sold into slavery.

If you've guessed by this point that I have a real problem with this person, you've guessed correctly.

Oh--and I want the same penalty applied to her two teenaged accomplices in the savage and totally uncalled for and inexcusable beating death of a baby Alpaca.
Two teens and an adult have been charged in the theft and fatal beating of a Madison Township family's alpaca.The 3-month-old animal, named Masterpiece, was taken Feb. 5 from the family's farm in the 1700 block of Browns Run Road, and investigators said they found a trail of blood leading away from the scene.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested last week and charged with animal cruelty, breaking and entering and tampering with evidence.

A second teen and a woman, identified as 22-year-old Stacie Mullins, have also been charged in the attack.

Authorities have not released the names of either teen because they are juveniles.

Detectives said the three photographed themselves at least once as they beat the animal with a wooden board.

The animal's owner, Rebecca Hardin, had said the suspects videotaped themselves as they hung the animal and beat it, but police said that information was not accurate.

A detective said the teens, who both had dropped out of Madison High School, stole the animal to "mess with it and have fun."

Police said the teens admitted to taking the alpaca from Hardin's yard and beating it to death, then placing its remains in Mullins' car, taking it to her home and beating it some more.

"Each of them even ended up writing out statements to their involvement to taking the alpaca, striking it with a board several times in the side and head, killing it and dumping it in Montgomery County," said Detective Mike Gutowski, of the Butler County sheriff's office.

Its eyes were missing when the body was discovered, but police were not sure if another animal had eaten them or if the suspects damaged them.

The alpaca also had broken ribs and a punctured lung, police said, and a necropsy has been scheduled.

Some of the family's neighbors hope to raise $8,000 to buy them another alpaca, which are South American herd animals related to camels and llamas.
Seriously, how do you do something that inhumane, the purely evil?
I've seen some horrible things in my time--probably more than most people ever will--but this sort of casual savagery just takes the prize.

And there's no coming back from doing something this depraved; there's no redemption possible. How do you take a baby animal from it's mother and then sadistically torture it to death? What kind of twisted person would ever consider that "fun" the way that Stacie Mullins and her two teen friend admittedly did? Stacy Mullins and her co-criminals need to be segregated from the normal decent people, and steps need to be taken to ensure that they're never allowed to be around animals or small children, and that includes ever having children of their own.

If you're as outraged and appalled as I am, take a moment and call or write to Butler County Prosecutor Robin N. Piper and urge that the two juveniles be prosecuted as adult offenders and that maximum penalties and permanent records be sought for all three of these scumbags.

Robin N. Piper
Butler County Prosecuting Attorney
P.O. Box 515
Hamilton, OH 45012
Main Number: 513.887.3474


  1. I'm not certain that 'within an inch of her life' would be enough... Thinking maybe she and her ilk should get to enjoy the same treatment they dealt to that helpless animal..

  2. Oh that is just sickening! Alpacas are the sweetest little creatures, and so gentle. This is just evil!

  3. John Wayne Gacy. Jeffrey Dahmer. Ted Bundy. Hitler.

    They all got started by torturing animals.

    And animal torture has long been part of Muslim terrorist training.

    I think that you are coddling Stacy Mullins!

  4. I've got the rusty spay/neuter knife all ready.

    Letter typed up. Lu will send it out tomorrow.

  5. This is just awful!!! The poor llama!! :(
    She and her accomplice are both serial killers in the making and should both be charged as adults. They want to drop out of highschool and do crap like this, they can face adult consequences for their actions.

  6. Ya know, ExPat, I actually had Gacy, Dahmer and Bundy's very names typed into this article, but I deleted that paragraph because I didn't want to sound too crazy. Now I realize that it fit perfectly. That's the sort of person that these creeps are and they should be segregated away from society before they act instead of waiting for them to find human victims later. It wouldn't make me feel bad if Stacy and the other two were locked up in a prison psych facility for the rest of their lives.

  7. God, there are no words.
    It truly frightens me when you have a "gang" of such despicable behavior and not one of them steps up to stop it.
    It's bad enough when you get one psycho lunatic who has lost their moral compass and does something depraved, but when you think that there was a group of them who saw nothing wrong with the situation and just went's beyond scary.

    I can't even comprehend it. How do these people walk among us, live in essentially the same world, yet turn out that way?

  8. Pump the bitch full of stimulants so she doesn't pass out from pain, skin her alive, spray her down with battery acid, and watch her slowly die.

  9. This is the kind of stuff Jeffrey Dahmer did before turning to human victims. Ohio ought to have stiff punishments for animal cruelty. It is a different kind of sicko that tortures and animal vs. neglect. It would help clean up menacing threats to society.

  10. Words cannot describe how this made me feel. How could anyone be this nasty, mean, heartless, ugly and crazy! That poor little thing didn't have a chance. I do believe in Karma! If she doesn't answer to someone on earth, I sure as Hell and I mean hell would not want her journey out!

  11. People like this have nothing to offer society. They are not sorry for what they did, and they are NOT going to become better people. I have no problem flipping the switch on these horrid excuses for human beings. If they need a volunteer, I'll pay my own way up there. Disgusting.

  12. look I know that's sick. and I know it's stupid, but seriously, I know her and she has a little girl. idk if you have kids or not, but if you did how would you like someone to publicly say we should like make sure you dont have kids and you should be segregated from them and la la la you dont know anything about these people personally so try shutting up

  13. Actually none of us have to know anything about her personally--her actions speak for themselves. She's a sick, twisted bitch and if she does have a child, the child should be taken away from her and given to a decent family someplace far, far away.

  14. Listen up people animals are killed every single day in very many ways we all know this yes this was a cruel thing to do i can speak for one of the 3 who were involved the boy was braught up not properly parents always fighting not being there parents not caring would always go hunting with his dad they'd sometimes shoot cats but should we blame the son for all this no theres much more into it than you realize im becoming an officer of the law and i beileve people like this should be throwin in jail but teach them not saying it just because of my family ties to one of them..get them help a shrink yes put him in jail but dont compelte excute and cut his throat everyone needs a second a chance unless it is murder on another human being i belive he deserves what punishment he gets but help him if this was your son or daughter what would you do

  15. and another thing listen to you people listen to what your saying ive read your comments you wanna skin people torture them also and you say they need to be cut off from society what about sound like killers in the making your no better than these people i know there just empty words but you dont string em up until you know you can help them you dont lose hope in someone i have had an extremely rough life ive had things done to me you could only read about and i came through them no one helped me but i was able to handle it some people cant handle life problems and need help and know the difference between right and wrong these kids need help now and not the shit kicked outta them for what they did

  16. Yes Matt, animals are killed every day. But very few of them are savagely tortured to death for "fun" like your buddy did. I really don't care if he had a hard life, either. Many people have had it hard and most have not grown up to become sadistic butchers of live animals. Your friend needs to be locked up and evaluated/medicated/whatever until responsible mental health experts agree that he's no longer a danger to other animals, small children, the elderly, the disabled, or any other vulnerable class of victim. And it's telling that he feels the need to find the most helpless vicitm that he can to torture. I'm guessing that he's pretty much a wimp in real life and got picked on a lot in school, right?

    He's a loser. All three of them are. And if you want to enter law enforcement, you need to demonstrate some sound judgement and distance yourself from that sort of people pretty quick,

    Oh--and you might want to learn and use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation as well. Just saying...

  17. Anonymous3:53 PM

    look... u guys are listening to the media on this!!!!! i personally know stacie with an ie not a y and she had no part of this!!!! they never intended for any of this to happen. she NEVER touched the alpaca!!!! the 2 boys never hung the alpaca or anything!!!! they wanted to see if they could catch one and they couldnt. stacie laughed at them for being silly!!! the one boy tried to trip the alpaca so they could actually just see one and stuff. stacie would NEVER do anything like this. her and her daughter are 2 of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. i can promise u guys its not how the media portrayed it. she told the cops everything that happened then our lovely MESSED UP SOCIETY ran with it to give the ignorant people like u something to talk about and feel better about their own pathetic lives!!!!!

  18. Explain the alpaca in her car. Hers. The alpaca could not even have been removed from the farm without her consenting to it being placed in her car.

    And had she really gone to the police, she would likely not have been charged, but she didn't. She sat quietly, hiding their secret, until the police developed leads from other sources and knocked on her door.

    I have no doubt that she gave some BS story then, but that's a far cry from her going to the police right off the bat.

    I hold to my conviction that she's an unfit mother--a single mother, I note--and unfit to walk free among the rest of us. Ideally she'll at least carry a criminal conviction for the rest of her life. I can only hope that the other two punks have their charges upgraded to adult court so that they too can carry permanent criminal records detailing the savagery and cruelty of their acts.

    Defend them if you like, but it says a lot about you too when you try to tell us how "nice" these cretins are.

  19. Scum like these 'creatures' need to be removed from this planet as soon as possible. There's no use in trying to rehabilitate slime. If you disagree with that, just google 'Jon Venables' and see if that changes your opinion.

  20. sexyprincess, did she also "laugh at them for being silly" as she was in the vehicle that carried the dead alpaca's body to be dumped? Is that silly to you?

    Could you explain exactly how [breaking & entering and] trying to catch an alpaca, or trying to trip an alpaca leads to an alpaca being beaten to death with a board, transported in a vehicle and dumped?

    I'm having a hard time believing that the media took a story about 3 people just breaking and entering to trip or catch an alpaca, to where we are now -- a lifeless alpaca that was tortured to death. Media must be very slow in Butler to come up with this lengthy story, I guess, huh?

    I think you might want to re-evaluate your list of "friends" and/or your personal morals because both are severely lacking.

  21. To the friend of Stacie Mullins she is lying to you to protect her image now her husband is home and she has to explain why she is hanging out with two 17 year old young men while she isn't home with their child. I'm sure they were doing more then is coming out now. If she was innocent and had a conscious she would of confessed the first time asked by the police of the killing.
    I feel there is another party to this killing of the baby Alpaca is Stacie Mullins of Madison Ohio ; who is also a Mother. She drove her teenage boyfriends and participated in the crime. When approached by the Police she laughed and denied being there. It wasn't until the two men confessed that she changed her story. I can't imagine any Mother doing this for their evening entertainment and if seeing this happen not stopping or reporting it.
    I hope the husband's family can get custody of their child since no Mother could of done this without being mentally ill. Her husband should leave her for the dishonor she has brought to his family , their child and his name.

  22. Thank you for posting this information. I am writing a letter to Robin Piper and sending it out ASAP! These two teens need to be behind bars more than 90 days.

  23. I'd love to know the names and other info regarding the two teens, too. If enough independent posters get me the same info, allowing me to corroborate it, I'll post it here. Their juvenile records may get sealed when they turn 18, but I have no problem linking their names to their crimes for all time on this net so that prospective employers, dates, etc. can see what they did.

  24. Everyone in Ohio please go to this website and read how to help pass Ohio Bill 55 in regards to what happens to the scum who mistreat animals. The vermin that did this are not fit for society. Get rid of them now, if we don't do it now they will be back again, only worse.

  25. HEY, sexyprincess1423 Wake the hell up! Your "friend" is a sick, sick, person. Watch your back around her!

  26. Thanks Christy for posting this:

    I have also added "Justice for Masterpiece" to my Facebook account. Here is the link:!/JusticeforMasterpiece

  27. Here is a petition to sign. I urge everyone to please sign this. We can all make a change!

  28. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Protecting the two little coward punks just because they are juvenile is an example of how our system is a giant load of b.s.; to hell with technicalities! Look at what they did to that poor, sweet animal! Do they deserve the hospitality of having discretion against media and, no doubt, threats of violence from citizens? Why waste so much time catering to those monsters and ignoring the victim in all of this; Masterpiece!

    I swear, sometimes I am soooo dissapointed in our country! Our laws and system are so ass-backwards the more I come to understand them! Inevitablly those cowards identities will be found out. The system can't wipe their asses for all eternity; sooner or later they will have to face what they did, one way or another.

    As for Mullins, I am choosing not to get started on exactly how I feel about her, as the technical "adult" in the situation and the one providing the "getaway vehicle" that made this whole thing possible. The administrator of Masterpiece's facebook page has requested that all extreme foul language and threats of violence be refrained for legal purposes, and I promised to honor that when I am on Masterpiece's webpages, links, etc. That, unfortunatly, leaves me with very little I can say except for this: Stacie Mullins, regardless of what petty slap on the wrist you get from our pathetic, corrupt laws ... you don't get to just walk away from what you did to Masterpiece. You will get yours, along with your little boyfriends too. You've got a beautiful future, bitch.

    R.I.P, sweet Masterpiece. You are loved, and missed .... even by those who never met you, and never knew you. You will remain in our hearts forever.

  29. Umm...Matt, Let me explain the difference between us and those Sicko's,They beat to death an innocent defenseless animal who never did anything to anyone!!! There for That beautiful animal is worth much more than those worthless pieces of trash!!!We would like to to show them what suffering feels like because, they don't know or care how this sweet animal felt!!! And maybe they would think twice about ever doing it again if they had the day lights knocked out of them!! They need more than a little slap on the rist or counseling!! Get my drift?!! And another thing!! You knew they were shooting cats?!! Ever report it?!! No, That's right They were your friends!! What kind of people are going into the coarse these days?!! Aww!"They had a bad life"!! Boo fricken hoo!! So, take it out on an innocent animal?!! Who did have a perfect childhood besides the Brady Bunch?!! What kind of Pussies take their anger out on animals?!! Or for something to do and think it's funny?!!!

    And before you go comparring Animals suffering for meat, that's why I don't it!!! And besides this was someones pet tortured because, They had nothing better to do in their useless lives!!! You said what if they were our kids? Well, I know I would disown!! And what if it was your pet?! Would still be having a pitty party for them?!

    It sounds promising someone will get them and at least they know would know why they are getting beat that!! That sweet animal didn't know why!! Or his greeving family!!!

  30. R.i.p Masterpiece, You loved by many oxoxox

  31. I guess, I was so worked up somehow I made a few misprints but,I got my point across. If they are taking law courses I can imagine what the world is coming to!!

  32. Definitely spay that bitch - we don't need for her to be breeding, most likely at the taxpayers' expense! I'll donate $500.00 to get her to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic for a hysterectomy, and pronto.

  33. Matt
    You can defend these punks all you want - they are not the victims. All you've done is prove that psychopathic people should be banned from ever having children - these kids come from genetically deficient parents, who probably were also inbred. Your friends make a great case for mandatory abortions.