Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wow--Ann Coulter appearance in Canada shut down by angry Liberals

American commentator Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak before a group of college students in Ottawa, Ontario last night. However, a bunch of protesters--spoiled liberal kids, leftist professors, and probably even a few delusional street people (it's so hard to tell the latter two apart these days) decided that they didn't like her views and rather than hear what she has to say and try to refute it, they descended on the lecture hall in the form of a howling mob and made threats, screamed, pulled fire alarms, and even hinted that Coulter would be harmed physically if she tried to speak. Ironically, her speech was entitled: "Political Correctness, Media Bias and Freedom of Speech."

Typical Liberals. If they don't agree with your message, then no one is allowed to hear it.

Now there's no doubt at all that Ann Coulter is more than a match for a room full of liberal college students and their leftist teachers, but threats of violence? Hear this, Canadians--You harm one hair on that U.S. Citizen's head and just see if you don't wake up tomorrow to discover that Ontario has just become the 51st American state.

Seriously--your whole country is ours for the taking any time we want it. Your best best if you want to stay Canadian is to not make us want it.

That is all.


  1. That can't possibly be right. I mean, libs are the most loving, tolerant and evolved people on the planet.
    Surely that was a bunch of gun owning, Constitution quoting, tea bagging conservatives.

  2. LOL- Six beat me to it... and Yeah, Canada is on a short string...

  3. Uhm, they make the fake Guinness up there that's sold in the US. Please don't take Canada -- we really don't want it.