Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Week-end

It's Good Friday today--the day set aside to remember the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I thought about what to post this week-end. I debated putting up the images of Lagniappe looking at the flat and very dead easter bunny again, but then even though it's funny, I've done that at least twice already.

So setting politics and guns aside for a bit, this year I think I'll post a few videos from my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Jesus Christ, Superstar. I'll begin with the opening to the original 1973 film version in which the late Carl Anderson just nails the part of Judas, Jesus' disillusioned and traitorous disciple.

I really like this one, both because Anderson is so good, but also because, in late 2003, I began an e-mail correspondence with Carl Anderson after I (finally) saw this film for the first time and sent him a short e-mail to tell him how impressed I was. We exchanged several e-mails and he told me that he was still touring and promised to arrange a back stage pass to let me meet him during his then-pending show that was going to be near where I was at the time. I was still looking forward to that meeting when I was saddened to read of his death from Leukemia just a few months later. Damn shame. He had real talent and seemed like a nice guy.
So here he is, as Judas, in 1973.


  1. Good one, and Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. Same to you, my friend.