Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arlington National Cemetery notables

Over 300,000 veterans are resting in Arlington National Cemetery. Each one has a name. Most you won't recognize, but some you almost certainly will.

Boyington, Gregory

Donovan, William J.

Doubleday, Abner

Evers, Medgar W.

Hayes, Ira H.

Louis, Joseph B.

Marvin, Lee

Miller, A. Glenn

Murphy, Audie L.

O'Neill, William O.

Powers, Francis G.

Puller, Lewis Jr.

Known only to God.
There are a lot of these in Arlington and other national cemeteries.

Enjoy your barbecues this week-end, but be sure to take some time to reflect on the Americans who sacrificed so much for this country and the freedom of the world.


  1. I hope they are still holding my reservation. I plan on arriving late, though.

  2. Amen... Thanks for posting those!