Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every man a Rifleman II

This simple but eloquent post by Ed Rasimus got me to thinking.

Every real, patriotic American should have a rifle and ammunition, and be proficient in their use. Our government once agreed, hence the creation of the Department of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM), now privatized and known today at the Civilian Marksmanship Program, or(CMP).

Yes, there was a time when the government wanted us all armed and able to shoot in defense of our nation and our freedom and liberty. Ironically, many in that government would love to take every one of those guns back away from us as liberty and freedom just aren't in in vogue these days. See what happens when liberals get control?

Anyway...I'm also a fan of preparedness and self-reliance when it comes to personal defense, which is why, like many of my readers and blog authors that I link to, I maintain the requisite tools.I've owned this M1A and 1911A1 pistol since the mid 1980's. Both are Springfield Armory products and two of the very few guns that I've ever purchased new. I've competed with them, traveled and camped with them, and fired countless thousands of rounds through them to get to the point where I seldom fail to hit what I aim either of them at. I will defend my country and my personal liberty at all costs and these are my liberty teeth.

But sometimes, you need a bit more. You can't really expect to play golf with just two clubs, can you? I mean, you can if that's all you have, but as different shots call for different clubs, you do better with a full set.

Sometimes, you need to go for distance.

Sometimes, you need to work in close.

And sometimes, when you really need to cover an area or defend a point, you need to work with a partner.
Will bear ammo and spot for Milk Bones.


  1. Dayum... Nice little collection there Sir! :-)

  2. Nice. I bet there's at least one liberal pissing thier pants right now after seeing that arsenal.

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Still need to get something in the .308 flavor - looking at the Savage Scout.

    But you are right, we use to be a nation of riflemen, but I fear those days are gone. With only a few citizens still keeping this spirit alive with such groups as Appleseed and CMP.

    Heck, most "citizens" don't even carry a pocket knife, let alone own a rifle.

  4. Pocket knives? Check.
    Rifles? Check.
    Pistols? Check.
    Shotgun? Working on it (grin).

    Accuracy with the above? Working on it day by day.

    Additions to the arsenal - most definitely.

    A fine looking canine companion - soon, I hope.

    A fine looking collection you have - and a wonderful way with words. H/T, sir.