Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's official...

Lagniappe sucks as a watchdog.

I put two choice steaks on the grill and told him to keep an eye on them while I did something else for a bit. I went back out a few minutes later (ok, maybe it was a bit longer...) and the grill was smoking and one of the steaks was seriously charred on one end. I just looked at Lagniappe, who was right there the whole time.
"What kind of a watchdog are you?!" I yelled.
He just lay there, staring back up at me. He didn't say a word.

The rest of the steaks were perfect--best steaks I've grilled in a while--but the charred chunk wound up going in Lagniappe's dish.

Hmmmm....maybe he's not so negligent after all.

I wuz watching...and waiting.


  1. But Daaaaa-aad...the others *were* OK (insert doggy grin here).

  2. Meh... at least there was a steak LEFT... last time I tried that, both steaks mysteriously disappeared... :-(