Thursday, July 01, 2010

Stacie Mullins at it again.

Stacie Mullins, the Ohio woman charged back in March for her part in the theft and senseless torture death of a baby alpaca has been arrested again after she and co-punk Nicolas Reynolds fled from the police, reaching speeds of 80-90mph before they crashed into a tree after stop-sticks were deployed.
A teen aged suspect in the alpaca beating case now has a 250,000.00 bond.

17 year old Nicholas Reynolds and 23 year old Stacie Reynolds were arrested together Saturday night after leading police on a chase and crash.

Police say Reynolds was driving drunk at the time of the crash.

Judge Speath initially revoked both Mullins and Reynolds' bonds. Mullins and the teen were ordered to stay away from eachother.

Reynolds and 18 year old Marcus Miller stole an alpaca in January and beat it to death. Mullins was the driver during that incident.

Marcus Miller has changed lawyers and will be in court July 20th. Reynolds does not have his next court date scheduled, yet. Stacie Mullins has a status report coming up September 13th, while a jury trial scheduled for September 21st.
As part of her pre-trial release in this case, she'd been ordered to stay away from co-defendant Reynolds, but we can see how well that order worked out. Hopefully that 250,000 bond is a cash bond that will ensure that she'll be held at least until her September trial.

Stacie is reportedly married to and has a daughter with a soldier serving in Iraq. He's got to be overjoyed to know that while he's overseas risking his life for this country, the mother of his child is still whoring around with the same teen-aged boys that she was arrested with earlier this year. Now I don't hold much stock in the idea of men hitting women, but if there was ever a justification for domestic violence it's this case, and I would not blame her husband one bit for giving her the ass-whipping that she so richly deserves when he gets home.

Seriously, some people just need to be taken out to sea, tied to an anchor and pitched off the deck of a ship.
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  1. Where oh where are her defenders now? The ones who said she was really a good girl, terribly misunderstood and should be given a pass. The sound of crickets chirping is deafening.

  2. I already rejected a post from one of them yesterday because all it did was insult her husband. She's got a little core of friends out there and they're still writing in.

  3. Perhaps the court will give her the Kwame treatment.

    I feel most sorry for the daughter. Can you imagine the social albatross she will have for the rest of her life? "Hey, isn't your mom the one who beat an alpaca to death?"

    I see a name change in the works. Hopefully the child is with the father's family and not the mother's!

  4. Seriously? this woman has friends? Rather than drop her off a ship to suffer immediate drowning, I'm for giving her a cell, with a bucket of water (once a week), perhaps bread, and some maggot invested soup/meat to eat for the rest of her life and hopefully, that would be at least 50 years under those conditions.

  5. Wow, Katherine...And I thought that I was supposed to be the meanie and you liberals were all about "peace and love"...