Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Success! Marlin 1894 is operational again.

So I went out to the range today and test-fired my Marlin Model 1894 .357 Magnum lever-action--the one with the design-flaw-caused problem that I've written about here and here.

I'm happy to announce that it passed a 120-round test without a single hiccup, firing magazine tubes of .357 Magnum rounds, .38 Special rounds, and combinations of both loaded together.

I finally feel confident to start carrying it afield on my hiking and backpacking forays along with my Smith and Wesson Model 66.

It's kind of nice to have a rifle/pistol combo that utilizes the same cartridges and I do love these two guns.

And of course, it would hardly be a shooting day without some contact with the range nazi--I mean the range master. He came over as I was finishing up and pointed out the brand new signs posted that say "No Rapid Fire Or Double Taps."


I told him that I practice "sustained fire", not "rapid fire" (whatever that is) and pointed out the fact that all of my shots landed nicely on the targets where they were aimed. I also explained that I do not shoot "double taps". I practice failure-to-stop drills in which I shoot two to the chest and one to the head...a "triple tap", if you will. And since the sign doesn't seem to ban those...

He still says that I need to slow it down. Or else. Some people just suck all of the fun out of the air.

Still, I don't think that I shoot all that fast. I mean, it's not as if I'm Lucas McCain or anything...

(But I'm working on it.)


  1. Thanks for all the info on this gun. I bought an 1894 in 45 LC before I read your reports and I've been afraid to shoot it. Now that I know there's a fix I'll go put some lead through it.
    My double is the 1894 and a Blackhawk.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. Haven't experienced the jam with mine (also .357), but will check out the innards. My 'pairing' is a Ruger Security Six with o/s grips.

    Have often thought I'd like the .41 Rem Mag. lever gun to complement my Redhawk in the same caliber. Will maybe think on this now.

  3. Oh, and BTW, major kudos for the Chuck Connors film clip.

    Yeah, back in the day, we looked up to folks like Chuck Connors, Bill Jordan, and Elmer Keith - not like the P Diddy's and Snoop Dogs of today. (I guess I should say we respected Elmer Keith - he was kinda hard to look UP to, didn't have the altitude of Connors or Jordan.)

  4. Got the 1894, but I prefer my Ruger Security Six 2 3/4 incher.

    Still, it's the same outcome!

    Good set of guns there!