Saturday, August 07, 2010

So where have I been?

You may have noticed that I haven't been here lately. That's why there have been no articles on Michelle "Marie Antoinette" Obama and her expensive European vacation that we taxpayers are paying for. There has been no pointing out the fact that this is her eighth taxpayer-funded vacation so far, no pondering about who her sixty friends who accompanied her to Spain at our expense were, no questioning why she had to go spend all that money abroad instead of visiting our own Gulf Coast and infusing that money into the local system to help the people there...Yeah, I missed out. Sorry.

Fact is, Lagniappe and I took a little trip. We went up to visit family and see Aaron of The Shekel, shown here with his new Colt .38 and his stylin' shades that just scream: "citizens of Earth...I come in peace."

Actually, we went to his gun club and shot for a bit. We lucked out as no one else was there to use their indoor pistol range so we shot most of the session (after we finished enjoying that very nice vintage Colt) with the lights off, using my Surefire weapon light and his Crimson Trace laser for some "low light" training. We even made barricades out of range chairs and trash cans and practiced firing from behind cover in the dark. Good practice, because one should always aspire to train like you might have to fight, and let's be realistic--very few bad guys intent on doing you harm are going to agree to relocate the attack to a well-lit place and pace off a set distance from you before starting again.

After this short visit, I packed my guns, my dog and THIS GUY:
That's right--back by popular demand--The Spud has come back to visit Lagniappe's Lair for a week or so. (Tank not included, darn it.)

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the tanks and tell me where these were taken.


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    The forground is a M155 Sharedon(believe I spelled that right). It is a light armor take used by Airborne units, mostly during the Vietnam War.

    The other is M1 Abrams, used doing the Persian Gulf War,and both current theaters right now.

    Seeing that tanks are the object of the photos,I'd say you are at Fort Hood Texas.

  2. Welcome Spud!

    If he eats fresh tomatoes and doesn't waste them on bogus spaghetti sauce that begins with a packet of store-bought chemicals call us.

    I'll even deliver.

    Remember the J.B. Farm River access is available . . . .

  3. Sounds like a grand ol' time!

    Sorry about the no-tank thing.

  4. Your muzzle-flash was so bright I had to wear shades. :-)

    M-1 Abrams
    M-551 Sheridan

    Pics taken at Camp Perry, OH. Next time tell me when you're going there hey?

  5. HI!
    You dont look so big compared to the giant tanks buddy boy!

    Have fun!


  6. Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  7. CS, you ID'd the tanks right (However, it's "Sheridan" named for General Phil Sheridan of the Union Army).

    But you got the location wrong.

    Aaron knows--not surprisingly--but I'm holding off on posting his answer to see if anyone else gets it.

  8. Ft. Knox, Patton Museum?

  9. Sorry, Roy. I do like that place, but this isn't there.

  10. Anonymous12:33 PM

    The only other place I know they have tanks like that is Fort Stewart.

  11. It's an M551 Sheridan vice M155. Not sure but I think that's Aberdeen.

  12. The tanks are both on display at Camp Perry, Ohio, home of the National Matches. I stopped by with the Spud on the way down, only thing is that we got there at 8AM and nothing on Commercial Row was open until 10. I didn't feel like trying to kill two hours before even beginning to blow all my cash, especially with a kid and a dog who wasn't even supposed to be on post lurking in my vehicle.