Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mexico blames US for high Mexican crime rate

And if that isn't ridiculous enough, their reason takes the cake.

According to a coalition of Mexican mayors, Mexico's crime rate is so high because the United States...

wait for it...

is deporting too many criminal Mexicans back to Mexico!

So just as everything else bad about Mexico is supposedly our fault, now they claim that their crime rate is too high because we send too many of their own criminally-inclined citizens back to them.

And predictably, their solution is to demand that we stop deporting Mexicans convicted of serious crimes in our country. All we in America need to do to make Mexico nice again (as if it ever was) is just accept and keep all of their scum.

Bear in mind that ten percent of Mexico's population is already here in our country, most all of them illegally. And now Mexico is insisting that the worst of them should become our problem forever, not theirs.

I'll give the Mexicans credit for one thing: their chutzpah is unrivaled.

Border security now. Create a DMZ. Clear a 100 mile wide buffer zone. Place land mines. Establish free-fire zones. And deport every illegal who is presently here instead of giving them and their anchor babies American citizenship. How do we do this? It's simple.
1. Make it illegal to hire or rent to illegals and penalize those who knowingly do it.
2. Aggressively pursue those who fraudulently use someone else's identity or false social security numbers.
3. Don't allow illegals to open bank accounts, get drivers licenses, or wire money.
4. Streamline the deportation process. Remove the illegals immediately and schedule their hearings in US embassies in their country instead of letting them languish here.
5. Deport every illegal who is arrested for any criminal offense.
6. Require proof of citizenship for all students in our schools.
7. Deport any illegal who goes to an American hospital seeking free medical treatment.
8. Punish those who are deported and return by incarcerating them in Joe-Arpaio-style prison camps in the desert. Make re-entry after deportation a felony with mandatory prison sentences.
9. No automatic citizenship for baby illegals. Birthright citizenship only for children of actual US citizens.
10. Make English the law of the land. No government documents, television shows, radio broadcasts, or newspapers printed in Spanish.

Good fences make good neighbors, and if we had a good fence on our southern border, it would go a long ways towards keeping illegals and drugs out, and American guns and money in.

But lest you think that I'm just mean, allow me to be the first one to call for compassionate relief measures to aid Mexico after the devastating mudslides that have reportedly killed numerous Mexicans. I propose that we send them a thousand replacement Mexicans immediately. ICE should be able to find that many before lunch.

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