Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Then and Now...

Back then, we had a man's man as our leader, and the world knew it and respected us for it. The bad people feared us and the good people wanted to be like us.

But now? Now we've got Steve Urkel, wearing his wife's jeans and riding his daughter's bicycle. And the world just sneers and laughs as the clown music plays.


  1. *SNORT* I have a variation on this pic I'm posting later.

  2. Good post and good point!

  3. It would be freaking hilarious, if we weren't the beneficiaries of this administrations idiocy... :-/

  4. Urkel? No he needs 20 cool points to make an Urkel

  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Reagan was a real man

  6. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Guess you finally understand how horrible it feels to have to look at a president you detest. I felt this same way every day George W. Bush contaminated the White House with his abject stupidity.

  7. We are only now realizing what a great blessing it was to live in the days of Reagan and Thatcher.

  8. Ah, Meg...

    The difference is that we detest Obama for what he's doing to the country. I'm still waiting for you lefties to show us something bad that Bush did. You hated him because of the things that he stood for, but most of those things were the things that made America great. Granted, Bush did some things that I disagreed with, like growing the federal government, going along with excessive Dem spending proposals (like TARP), and being soft on illegal aliens, but he didn't criticize America, apologize for our greatness, or violate the Constitution regularly by pushing through massive bills that weren't authorized by that document and which most of America didn't want passed.

    But you folks can't come out and articulate arguments against Bush, so you just call him "stupid" (just like you did with Reagan, Quayle, Palin, and everyone else that you hate), ignoring the fact that he graduated from both Yale and Harvard (and with higher grades than Kerry got at Yale), along with the fact that he ran several businesses and made it through the Air Force fighter pilot training program, joining up when there was a war on, to boot.

    So Meg, what were Obama's grades in school? Oh that's right--he won't release them. we can't see his grades, his transcripts, his papers...nothing from his academic past. Ever wonder why that is? Perhaps it's because when compared to George Bush, like John Kerry, Obama's the real stupid one.

    Meg, you're young so I can excuse your naivete. Hopefully when you're older and out in the working world (and paying taxes or trying to run a business), you'll come to understand how much harm that Obama has wrought, and how good Bush's tax cuts and other pro-business ideas were.

  9. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Reagan could saddle a horse, and I bet Obama couldn't change the tire on that beta male bike of his.

    And a helmet really. Man up Obama.