Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Man Movie

Back to the Western theme again as we see what happens after a couple of vaqueros try to punk rancher Joe Kidd in jail.

You want some? Next time Joe Kidd asks for a cup of the coffee, just give it to him.


  1. That's a classic! :-)

  2. This weekend I was reading about the new Harry Potter movie coming out later this month (not a fan myself really, daughter and her friends want to go see it when it hits theaters).

    Anyhow, I was pretty shocked to see that Hollywood has remade one of my favorite movies, True Grit. I wondered if you'd seen the trailer and what you thought about them remaking this John Wayne Classic...

  3. Hollywood tries to remake old movies because they are out of new ideas. I cannot recall a single remake that was as good as the original, yet they keep trying.

    OK, The later remake of "Destry" with James Stewart was arguably of par with the earlier Audie Murphy version, but was the actors that make those movies work and Hollywood doesn't have anyone of that caliber today. Who could they ever replace John Wayne with? Jeff Bridges? The effeminate guy from Taxi? Seriously?

    And no, until you mentioned it, I had no idea that they were ruining--I mean "remaking" that movie.