Friday, November 12, 2010

Obama doofs it again in Korea.

This is why we have professional diplomats, and why they should represent us abroad instead of a guy who bungles every time he has to step out from behind his teleprompter. After selectively taking questions only from the members of the press that he brought with him, Obama condescendingly offers to take the last question from one of the local reporters.

The closing exchange at President Obama’s press conference today in Seoul:

THE PRESIDENT: I feel obliged to take maybe one question from the Korean press — since you guys have been such excellent hosts. Anybody? This gentleman right here — he’s got his hand up. He’s the only one who took me up on it. Go ahead. And I’ll probably need a translation, though, if you’re asking the question in Korean. In fact, I definitely will need a translation.

REPORTER (in excellent English): Unfortunately, I hate to disappoint you, President Obama, I’m actually Chinese.

Koreans, Chinese, whatever...they all look alike, don't they, Barack?

What a moron. And to think that people used to call Bush "stupid". George Bush was an Einstein next to Obama. But because the media still loves Obama, this isn't getting much play at all. But just imagine if President Bush had said it...


  1. As you indicate, a skilled diplomat would not have stated his assumption as to the speaker's heritage. While it is true that many regions have people with similar but distinct features, the wise person also knows that folks move around and genetics don't always come out the way one might expect.
    Obama is, yet again, showing his inability to perform to the needs of his office.
    In a word, he is incompetent.