Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally! The new gun arrives

It's not at my house yet, but at last it's at my dealer's business, waiting for the final transfer to me. This is the long-awaited replacement for the Browning 1919A4 medium machine gun that I sold back in September. The Form 3 transfer tp my dealer was an absolute nightmare that took months instead of weeks but it's over with now and the gun is here...all twenty-three pounds of it. I just got back from visiting it. And here it is: My new M60 General Purpose Machine Gun.

Now while I wait for the M60-haters to pile on, let me say that I will miss the Browning, but this is undeniably a step up. Now I have a gun that can be carried and operated by one man and his dog instead of requiring a crew like the Browning did. No more lugging tripods--this one has a bipod and can even be shoulder-fired or hip-fired. And it's a ton lighter. Also, once it's in my hands, I plan to send it out to the nice folks at US Ordnance for an upgrade to the current M60E4/MK43 specification, thus curing most of the design problems that these older guns have.

New Dog thought it was great fun to pull the 100-round belts of M-60 ammo out of the ammo can a few minutes ago, but when I tried to drape one over him and explain that it'll be his job to carry at least one belt, he bolted out of the gun room and I haven't been able to figure out where he's hiding yet.

Oh well...we've got a few months to try to come to an understanding on this subject. BATFE is currently running about four months to process dealer-to-customer transfers so with any luck, I'll be taking final delivery of this one in April.

But in the meantime, I can still go visit it at my dealer's place any time I like. Yay.

Oh--There's the dog. Just had to look behind the bed in the guest bedroom.
Gotta hide better than that, pal. So...carry the ammo belt for TWO bacon strips?


  1. I knew it! I knew it!

    Outstanding score!

  2. "Eyes and ears" for him will be a definite problem come range time.

  3. Holy stinking fungus monkeys. I wish I had the excess cash flow to go through the hassle to have something cool like that.

  4. Actually you would be shocked to find out how cheaply I got this one. A '60 wasn't even under serious consideration until I stumbled across this deal. They're out there if you watch closely and jump quick.

  5. Darn nice. Can't wait to see it in action and get a chance to shoot it.

  6. Oh, you'll get your chance when we take that shooting course in June.

  7. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I think new dog will need more than two strips of bacon.I would guess at least 6

  8. Wow!!!!

    Do you want to get married or something.

    As for the ammo. I got a bunch of British surplus 308 from India and was pulling it out to clean it when Barkley got a hold of one of the belts of ammo and tried to drag it off into the corner for lunch.

    No Barkley. .308 bad, Biscuit. . good!

  9. Brigid,

    If you promise to make ribs and brisket with the barbecue sauce you gave the recipe for, I'm sure that I can find a ring around here someplace...even if it's an O-ring, a piston ring, an onion ring or a bathtub ring.

    And tell Barkley that I got links and if he links that .308, you can send it downrange.

  10. That is a sweet piece. You'll never catch me bad mouthing 60's. I carried and shot one quite a bit in my Army days and I love them.

    I am so coming out to visit you. I'll buy the ammo.

  11. The welcome mat is definitely out for all of my pro-freedom, pro-gun blog pals. Aaron and Old NFO have been here and survived, so it's probably safe.

  12. Nothing like a good pig. I love the M-60. Very distinctive sound it makes. I wish I could afford to feed something like that, let alone the initial cost.