Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mitch Cowley needs to be hit with a baseball bat

He really does.

It all began when retiree Gary Yourtz paid $1.1 million for a house in Denver's Belcaro neighborhood and pulled a demolition permit, planning to build his dream house at 825 S. Adams Street. Gary liked the neighborhood, but didn't want the old house, built back in 1958. He planned to raze the old one and build a new one, an act which would have increased his property's value and helped prop up the neighborhood's property values.

But this was all halted abruptly when a drive-by jack-ass by the name of Mitch Cowley decided that he didn't want Yourtz to tear down his own house because Cowley, who doesn't even live in the neighborhood--or in Denver--claimed that he likes to drive by and look at the house. He and Susan Livingston (who at least does live in the neighborhood) filed a $250 application to have Yourtz' house declared a historically-significant building, putting the demolition on hold.

The result? Yourtz had to hire an attorney and pay almost $18,000 in legal fees to fight this fight, only to have Cowley just shrug and withdraw the application on the night before it was supposed to go before the City Council for a determination.

Now Yourtz is still out the money. And Cowley? he and his pal Livingston are free and clear and not liable to repay a penny to Yourtz.
"I was just trying to draw a line in the sand because this has been going on too long," Cowley said. "Just because someone owns something doesn't give them the ultimate right. They are removing homes of substance and replacing them with no substance."
Yes, Mitch. Ownership of property gives people the ultimate right. This specifically includes the right to remove a house that you like and replace it with one that they like. If you felt so strongly about this house, why didn't you buy it when it was on the market?
Seriously, if you'd pulled that crap with me, I'd be taking that $18K out of your ass with a Louisville Slugger.

Now if I was Yourtz I'd probably be working up a comprehensive plan to make both Cowley's and Livingston's lives miserable. It would become my new hobby and I'd devote time to it each and every day. You see, these two are the epitome of the modern Liberal; they are driven by the unshakable belief that they know better than you or I what is best for us and the community around us. And like most Liberals, these two are just going to go through life messing with other people and trying to punish us all for not living the way that they want us to until someone makes them pay a cost for the trouble that they cause.


  1. Gotta agree... they WOULD pay, one way or the other...

  2. Whatever happened with this property? Was there more to the story? Did the owner ever get to build his dream home or did the other folks interfere ever more? It's been almost two years now, what else has happened since then. This doesn't feel like the end of the story. And did anyone ever hit Mitch Cowley with that baseball bat?? Did the home owner ever get revenge? Or at least his money back? It seems like he could have sued Cowley to get his money back, doesn't it? Please do a follow up story on this. I'm curious. All homeowners should be very curious as to the outcome because it could happen to anyone with an older home. Please do an update if you can! Thanks!

  3. Far as I can tell, the house was demolished and Yourtz got to build the one he wanted. But Cowley and Livingston should still be nursing bruises and been forced to repay Yourtz the money he spent fighting them for the right to control his own property.