Saturday, December 04, 2010

Shooting in the cold with an old guy

Yeah, that's right. I was graced by a visit from Old NFO today and we got some shooting in at my local range. He brought out his wonderful Jim Clark custom 1911 and several other firearms which were only slightly less impressive, and we teamed up to kill numerous targets on the pistol and rifle lines. Turns out that he's an excellent shooter, and wow--does he have some wonderful toys! My Christmas gun wish-list just grew by at least three new items.

I brought out a few of my favs--my Springfield 1911A1, my H&K P7M13, my S&W Model 19, and my Bushmaster Delta H-BAR. All are excellent arms that have served me well, but alas, they pale in comparison to someone else's weapons. Must upgrade.

After shooting, we grabbed lunch and talked about stuff--guns, tactics, flying, life, and several of you fellow bloggers.

It was a good time, even despite my learning the hard way not to bend over while wearing old, tight-fitting jeans with a 1911A1 in my back pocket. Such the pity--I did like those jeans.


Since Old NFO is posting his target pics on his blog, I'll post the pic that I took of one of mine:This is a 6" target. 47 rounds were fired at 100M. All hit home.
Rifle: Bushmaster HBAR.
Ammo: My own 55gr. reloads.
I'm not unhappy, despite those four 7-ring flyers. All are still well within Minute-of-Bad-Guy (MOBG).

Luv me my HBAR.


  1. It was fun but WAY to cold for my tired old ass... And you're one to talk, shooting a 2in group with that old S&W Model 19 with a reload :-) And yeah, that HAD to be a bit drafty :-)

  2. Yeah, but there's still orange in the middle :-)